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 Ovauzhar 'The Reaper of Diarmid'

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PostSubject: Ovauzhar 'The Reaper of Diarmid'    Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:42 pm

Name: Ovauzhar 
Title: 'The Reaper of Diarmid' 
Age: 22
Born: Diarmid
Affiliation: Diarmid Brigade- Ignited Division (formerly), Himself


  • Destructive Power: A
  • Speed: D
  • Range: B
  • Durability/Staying: B
  • Precision: C
  • Development Potential/Learning: A

A young prodigy, it was not long until the war-like state of Diarmid took notice to Ovauzhars prowess for combat. From sword wielding to magic, there didn't seem to be any area out of his reach. Taken into service at age 10, Ovauzhar advanced quickly through the ranks of Diarmid's miliary. He even achieved the rank of general at the unheard of age of 16, making him the youngest person ever to earn that rank. 

He's had a successful career of military service and turned one of Diarmid's most ill-fated sieges into an astounding victory. When he fought, some under his command likened him to a reaper ascending from hell to fight with them thus earning him the moniker of 'The Reaper of Diarmid'. 

However this did make the young man too ambitious for his own good. One day, he challenged the emperor himself to duel to replace him as the emperor. This attempt was a failure and Ovauzhar was defeated. But the emperor saw within him the potential to overthrow him should he be allowed to try again. To prevent this, he had Ovauzhar exiled, proclaiming his honorable duel to be a callous attempt at a coup. 

Shamed and bereft of resources, Ovauzhar was cast out of his homeland. Only one goal lingered in his mind, to claim the throne he thinks he deserves. But he is smarter than to storm the gates, and seeks greater power and is (disdainfully) sustaining himself with mercenary work until he can achieve his desire...

Assuming the realms he's laid siege to don't strike him in retribution first....

Too practical to be a savage yet too warlike to be a normal citizen, this young former general always has his mind on advancement and battle. He's very reverent to the traditions and beliefs of his people, wanting nothing more than glory and honor from worthy combat and to be remembered through the ages.

What separates him from his more simple countrymen is his tactical mindset and ambitions. He is not governed by barbaric impulses, but rather 'channels' these impulses into his fighting and let's them explode at the moment of his choosing as he carries out his strategy. Also he was one of the only of his countrymen to actually challenge an emperor to fair combat, which not even the bravest of their warriors even try.

He despises mercenaries, despite now being one himself. He doesn't find any honor in the simple task he's paid to do now, considering the notion of payment for combat to be insulting and bereft of honor. He urns for his past and will do whatever is necessary to return to his homeland... and ultimately rule it.

Magic: Like most in Ignited Division, he holds a particularly advanced skill set in magic. He has powers over fire, earth and lava. Lava mastery in particular is his speciality. He can create it from the very ground and manipulate it however he so wishes. 

Rumors have even spread that he has dabbled in the dark arts, but these are all unconfirmed...

Strategic Mind: Unlike most of the barbarians from his village, Ovauzhar was not thoughtless. Often he had his moves planned out very well in advance and struck when the moment was right rather than early. His trait led to his vastly successful series of sieges. He never allowed pride to blind him, and kept realistic expectations. If one strategy wasn't working, he usually had a plan b, c, d, and e. In the rare instances he was caught off guard, he was able to adapt quickly. He prioritizes his thoughts by the greatest possible outcome and moves accordingly.

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Ovauzhar 'The Reaper of Diarmid'
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