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 Charms Class

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PostSubject: Charms Class   Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:59 am

Charms is a required subject for all students in their first five years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The spells learned in Charms class are taken from textbooks. Students are taught specific wand movements and proper pronounciation. Often students partner up in class to experiment on one another. Charms was Hermione Granger's favourite subject until she started Arithmancy in 1993.

Professor Flitwick was one of the kinder teachers at Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione often enjoyed a "nice chat" in this class. This was the class where they used the Muffliato charm as well. Harry was on at least fairly good terms with Professor Flitwick as he spoke with Harry Potter about his Accio charm he used in the Triwizard Tournament.

Spells taught-
First year

* Wingardium Leviosa
* Lumos
* Incendio (also covered in Herbology)
* Spongify (also covered in Defence Against the Dark Arts)
* Exam was to make a pineapple dance across the desk

Second year

* Skurge
* Aresto Momentum
* Incendio revision
* Hover Charm revision

Third year

* Cheering Charms
* Carpe Retractum (also covered in Defence Against the Dark Arts)
* Glacius
* Hover Charm revision

Fourth year
* Accio
* Depulso

Fifth yearEdit

* Silencio
* Create legs on teacups

Sixth yearEdit

* Aguamenti
* Turning vinegar back into wine.
* Avis
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Potion Koller


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PostSubject: Re: Charms Class   Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:24 pm

Potion walked in Charm classroom with her sweetest smile on her face.Professor Flitwick was sitting on many books placed on his chair,writing something on a big,old parchment.He raised his head when he heard someone coming in,and he smiled when he saw his favourite student.
“Oh,miss Koller.How are you today?
Potion smiled and sit in front of proffesor.”Very well indeed,professor.How are you?”
Flitwick sighed.”Hard day,very hard day.I have to much work.”
“Seems like we all have many work,don’t we?It is indeed not true that students are only one with hands full of work.”
Potion was trying to seem sweet and innocent more then ever.Flitwick was not stupid,and she was scared that he would not let her learn Legilimency.
“It would be great if all the student would think like you,miss Koller.” Flitwick smiled at Potion,whilst still writing.Potion thought that she should skip to subject straight away.
“Well,professor,I actually camed to ask you to do me one favor.”
Flitwick stoped writing and raised his head.”Yes?”
Potion smiled nerovusly.”You see,professor,I really like to study.And I personaly think that it is not right that we do not learn everything in Hogwarts.I heard about one skill,called Legilimency,and I would really like to read something more about it.But,I suppose that all books about it are in Restricted Section.And,since I am not old enough to go in there,I would like to ask you as my favourite professor to give me permission to go in there.”
Flitwick stoped smiling.First time Potion saw him really serious.”Legilimency?Miss Koller,you must know that is a very hard and dangerous skill,and professors of Hogwarts school would not agree with their students learning to read minds.”
“I didn’t really wanted to learn it.I wanted to read about it,just educationaly.I mean,would you expect a forth year student with no power and skills to learn Legilimency all by itself?I must admit that is really silly.”Potion smiled innocently,feeling really bad for telling a lie.
Flitwick nodded,still looking suspicious.”Well then,miss,I am going to give you permission.But promise me that you would not try to learn it.”
Potion was paler and paler.”I…I promise.”
“Very well,then.”Flitwick signed one peace of paper.”You will give this to Madam Pince.”
Potion took the paper,smiling.”Thank you very much indeed,professor.Goodbye.”
“Goodbye,miss Koller.”
Potion walked out of Charm classroom,feeling very bad.
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PostSubject: Re: Charms Class   Mon Dec 12, 2011 1:57 pm

-DH bolted into the Charms classroom and stopped to catch her breath and clutch at a stitch in her side-

"Miss DarkHeart" -Flitwick Squeaked- "Late again I see. That'll be another 10 points from Slytherin, I'm afraid. Please find your seat"

-muttering, DH made her way to seat in the back corner and flung herself into it, glowering at the Ravenclaws who dared to gawk at her-
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PostSubject: Re: Charms Class   

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Charms Class
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