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 Topher Noir

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PostSubject: Topher Noir   Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:42 pm

Born into the wealthy Noir family, Topher seemed to be all set in his life.

However his life underwent a drastic change when he developed the incredibly rare Evil Eyes, a pair of eyes that allowed him to cast bad luck upon whatever they looked at. Unable to control his unique ability he accidentally caused the death of his father who was terminally ill by looking at him.

Troubled by both this and the prospect he could bring further harm to his mother, he ran away from home. He moved from place to place hoping to cause as little damage as possible.

He wasn't completely mentor-less though. Along his travels he met Joachim, a street criminal who took Topher under his wing and taught him how to live a street life. He also met Camenzind, a kind woman who helped him cope with eye abilities and gave him a special pair of sunglasses to help him move through day to day life without incident.

On a trip to Hogsmeade he came upon Liria Trujillo who convinced him to stay at Hogwarts. There he met Potion and immediately fell for the 'dame'.

Upon angering his former employer, Chezhekov, he protected Potion from his old bosses wrath and decided to stay at Hogwarts, despite his plan to be gone after a week.

Having grown up on the streets, Topher has a very rough around the edges personality. He's very blunt and wil say what's on his mind even if he shouldn't or it's considered rude. He's very funny though, he has a very good sense of humor and skills as a comedian.

Despite his flaws, he has a good heart. He is willing to help good people and even before coming to Hogwarts he made it a rule with Joachim that they not hurt people while they committed their crimes.

Despite his new ties with aurors and attempts to turn his shady life around, he's wiling to use his skills as a thief for the moral side of the law. He claims he doesn't operate by the rules and this is very true. Compared to more stalwart heroes, he is willing to take a lot less moral actions and risks than they would but his intentions are pure.

He often speaks in slang and normally is very laid back, but he's confident in himself. He's also brave as he'll often outright mock his enemies to their faces during a fight.

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Topher Noir
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