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 Agatha and Mael Noir

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PostSubject: Agatha and Mael Noir   Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:35 pm

Mael Noir:
Father of Topher Noir, wife of Agatha Enzo.

Much like his son, Mael had a very good soul. He upheld his noble position but this didn't stop him from occasionally, as he put it, 'enjoying the little things.' In favor of a freer lifestyle than royalty, he contemplated leaving several times, but was always brought back by his love for his family.

He held a close friendship with Camenzind and the two talked regularly. Camenzind admired Mael's good nature, concern for others while still not losing himself, a trait passed onto his son.

Eventually he married Agatha Enzo, after saving her from her father Boniface. The details of this rescue are sketchy but most accounts suggest toward Boniface trying to get the Noir family to funding his coup, promising further riches and fame. This prize didn't entice Mael in the slightest and turned him down, but not before falling in love with Agatha, who had accompanied her father. After denying the rising emperor, the two were wed and gave birth to Christopher years later.

A proud parent for a while, Mael and the family would've gone to live a happy lifestyle. Rich and full of love and goodness, things seemed perfect in the Noir household. Unfortunately Mael became terribly sick and the untimely development of the Evil Eyes, he was unable to recover.

Topher's held this against himself every day of his life and ran away from home to protect his mother from himself.

Agatha Noir:
Born to Boniface Enzo in the cult, she was always on the outs with her father but had to obey him. One day while with her father , she fell in love with the rebellious noble, Mael Noir. Leaving her father to have a life with him, she lived a very happy life until her husband's demise.

Agatha is infinitely benevolent and loving, letting her son back into her house with open arms even after many years of zero communication. She seems to have taken the royal life to heart but not to a fault like many of her friends. A good mother to her core, she spared no expense to have her son found, even after years. Regrettably, Topher covered his tracks too well.

She's very accepting of all people, except for those who have hurt his son, making her relating to Joachim rather difficult.

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Agatha and Mael Noir
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