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 Ebonique Midnight Nott (Ebony Nott)

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Jacques Nott


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PostSubject: Ebonique Midnight Nott (Ebony Nott)   Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:34 am

Name: Ebonique Midnight Nott! Or that's how my grandmother likes to say it, in any case. Most of the time I just go by Ebony.

Age: Fifteen.

Year: Fifth year. OWLs. Fantastic.

Wand: 13 and 3 quarter inches ebony with phoenix feather, supple. Powerful wand, suited to combative magic and transfiguration.

House: Gryffindor. Speaking of which, why is this writing green? Ew. Got to change that.

Blood status: Pureblood, but I'm what you would call a blood traitor, so don't bother.

Favourite subjects: Charms, Transfiguration and DADA. And flying. I'm Gryffindor Quidditch captain.

Appearance: 5'8", skinny, sort of scruffy appearance. Hair is wavy and reaches to the shoulder blades - a mix of colours really, mostly red brown with a couple of blonde strands. Eyes change colour but are usually hazel - pale green in bright light or staring apparently, green in water, sometimes a goldy brown, but usually hazel.

History: Well, born into a Pureblood family. My grandmother was pretty much head of it and she pretty much brought in this whole blood traitor thing, so most of my family life was peaceful - though some things were still expected of me, memorising the family tree and all their accomplishments, attending family meetings, yada yada. Which to be honest, I wouldn't have minded if it weren't for my scathing relatives. See, being sorted into Gryffindor within a family of mostly Slytherin and Ravenclaw? Nuh uh. And then, of course, there was the company that the Nott family kept - you got it, Death Eaters. My cousin, Theodore, isn't so bad... or so I thought, I don't know what to think now.
So anyway, the last family meeting I went to, there was a revolt... against blood traitors. My grandmother was ill so I guess the DE and pureblood fanatics in my family took the opportunity. My father had sensed this was coming, he had warned me to practice for the meeting - I guess it also helps that my parents and grandmother taught me to be an animagus... unless they saw it coming from that far back. I managed to escape, but not without... not without punishment. -pulls up her sleeve where the words Blood Traitor are carved into her left forearm, the words an angry dark red with red and black spiderwebs crawling out from them, covering her arm.- Yes, it's poisoned, a Nott family poison - it can only be cured by something they invented themselves, thankfully I know what it is - I just have to find it... them.... all four, before my time runs out. Nobody can know. Nobody does know. It has to stay that way, I hope.
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Jacques Nott


Posts : 219
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PostSubject: Re: Ebonique Midnight Nott (Ebony Nott)   Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:54 am

The door creaked as her father opened it, followed by her mother and lastly herself and her brother. They were greeted with the cold, merciless gazes of their extended family - in the center, her mother's brother, her uncle Nott. On the right side of the room, Ebony's grandmother, the head of the family, lay in her bed - grey and sickly.
"What's the meaning of this?" Her father, Perseus Midnight, asked angrily. "Do tell me, why have we been all suddenly summoned here - the family meeting is only two days away! Even the kids have to be summoned?"
Uncle Nott looked back coldly, "Remember you are addressing the Nott Family, Midnight, you should still be silent with the honour that your lesser pureblood family was even allowed to marry into ours."
"Lesser pureblood?" Perseus Midnight exclaimed. "Our two families are equals, Nott."
Uncle Nott laughed - a hard, shrill, bone chilling laugh. Ebony almost went for her wand right then and there, eyes still shifting through the crowd as they gazed down at her little family. Uncle Nott continued, "Midnight you truly are a fool. Your blood is full of traitors, traitors to the pureblood way, it has only weakened your family - and you've even dared to spread it to my dear sister and her little pups." He sneered at Ebony and her brother, Loki. "But... at least one of them is not beyond saving."
"What are you planning, Nott?" Perseus growled, "I will not have you take command of this family, not while Louisa is still alive, and not while I have something to say about it."
"Ah well," Nott said in mock sorrow, "I'm afraid, Midnight, those can be easily rectified. Poor mother, her own son in law did bring the fact that she was still alive up. And we were just going to ignore her too." He turned to the audience of mainly the Nott family, and their... friends, "But that is not the issue we were going to bring up, is it my friends? No, we were only concerned with the proud name of our family. We wouldn't want it besmirched, not after all our ancestors did to build it. Unfortunately, the traitorous actions of the blood traitors in our family are threatening to do just that - dirty that name. So..." he turned back to a furious Perseus, "So, we're going to do some pruning."
Perseus drew his wand, "Nott... touch my family and I'll..."
Uncle Nott just laughed, drawing his own wand, a manic glint in his eye that Ebony had sometimes seen in her childhood. "Get the blood traitors. I want them alive, preferably!"

Hell broke loose.

In the screams and crush of people, Ebony felt a hand on her back, her father. "Ebony, use that training to get yourself out, don't wait for us. Go. Go!"
She hesitated, "But... what about you, mother and Loki?"
"We'll try and get Loki out as well, but you must escape. We'll be fine," her father looked uncertain but smiled wearily at her. "Do me proud, girl." A spell flew overhead, "Quickly!"
She flew out the meeting room door, wand clutched into her hand, starting to feel dizzy from realizing the sickening truth of it all. They were everywhere. The rushing loud footsteps behind her, the screams of 'Grab her!', the spells flying, the noise. She sent a quick hex behind her, hoping it hit, hoping something exploded and... and...
killed them all?
She'd never wanted anyone dead before. The powerful feeling was so new to her that she stumbled and almost fell down completely. It was enough to get them to catch up. She flew through another door, quickly closing it behind her, barely managing to say 'collorportus' in her panic. She ran down the stairs, always quickly glancing behind her, gasping for breath, sobbing in fear; the sound of the doors being ripped open, the sound of her footsteps on the floor, so loud, too loud. It got darker, she barely knew where she was going even though she basically knew the house inside out. She just wanted to get away.
And soon enough, her hands hit a wall in the dark. She gazed wildly, blindly around - she was in the cellar. Her palms scraped against the rock wall. A dead end.
And her hunters knew it.
She could hear them laughing through the pounding of blood in her ears, she could hear how they walked slowly and deliberately, trying to scare their pray as much as possible.
"Here, little pup. Where are you?" they joked darkly, "Playing hide and seek? We'll find you! Come out, come out."
She pressed herself against the wall, hair falling in her white as sheet face, eyes wide. They approached her like shadows in the dark, smiles wide, eyes glinting. They had her cornered.
"So, you like playing little games then, little pup?"
"Stop calling me that!" she growled, grabbing her wand and trying to blast one of them, only to have it disarmed a moment later.
The person who'd spoken chuckled. "This ones got spirit. I'd say she's a candidate. You led us on quite the little game of chase. Grab her."
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Jacques Nott


Posts : 219
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PostSubject: Re: Ebonique Midnight Nott (Ebony Nott)   Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:59 am

They dragged her, kicking and screaming, up the stairs and shoved through to the entrance room. The double doors were wide open and outside heavy rain poured down, accompanied by flashes of lightning and the roll of thunder. Her family were there along with a few other blood traitors, caught and constrained by ropes of magic. Uncle Nott stood before the doors, facing out into the wind. "So you caught the girl then?"
"Yes, sir," her capturers through her to the ground, and Ebony's mother sobbed quietly.
Uncle Nott turned to stare down at his niece, his face portraying no emotion, just cold, hard apathy. "So, I hear you put up quite some trouble. Well, that makes things only better, yes. Jasca," he turned to one of the Nott women. "Fetch me the knife."
"No!" Perseus protested, "Please, make me the player in your little game, Nott. Leave my daughter alone! I beg you!"
"No, Midnight, I already have something planned for each of you - an example needs to be made of you all. Besides, I've been told that you daughter does love her games." Jasca returned with the knife case, presenting it to Uncle Nott. He picked it up and ran his wand along the blade before unscrewing the cap on a small bottle and pouring some of the fluid onto it. "Now, tell me, Ebonique Midnight Nott, what do you know of poisons?" Ebony turned her head away from the man and continued to glare at the floor. "Not going to answer? No matter. Well, this is a very unusual, uncommon poison - it takes its time to run its course, but it is incredibly painful and effective. But you see," he bent down towards her, "We are very generous in that we've given you time, and we'll give you a clue, so you can try to cure it - if you find it in the time limit you have. Right," he nodded to her capturers, "Haul her up and... pin her to the wall over there, I want everyone to see what happens to traitors."
Someone grabbed Ebony by the collar and pulled her up, dragging her towards the wall where someone rolled up the sleeve on her left arm, exposing the skin. Uncle Nott grinned, "Now we'll both be marked, little pup. Me with the proud mark of the death eaters, and you with the reminder of what scum you are etched into yours."
She spat back at him, "I'll wear that name for me with pride if it means I'm against all that you're for."
His eyes grew stony, "So be it." He took the knife to her arm and carved into it, with poison, letters. The pain was unbearable, Ebony could hear someone screaming - a long, loud note. She realised it was herself. She could her father's mouth move frantically and yet couldn't hear what came out, she could see her mother sobbing and her brother shutting his eyes tight and clamping his hands over his ears. Each letter took an age, burning warmth covering her arm, a mix of blood and poison.
And when it was done, the throbbing in her arm and the ringing in her ears and the hatred in her heart drowned out all thought. They took her and threw her into a muddy puddle out in the pouring rain, and she lay there - almost thankful for how cool it was, too numb inside yet too pained on the outside to move. They chucked a scrunched up piece of paper down next to her, "Here's your clue." And then they threw the knife down next her too, "And that's when you've turned cowards and completely given up, you can ram that thing straight into your heart."
"Watch her," Uncle Nott said, "I want her to see this next part. For those who dare speak against my leadership of this family." He turned to Perseus Midnight, who was dragged towards his feet. "Now, Perseus Midnight - I'll give you a chance too, just like I'm giving your daughter one. Do you stand by my claim as the next head leader of both your family and mine, as your lot has now married into my family?"
Perseus growled, pain evident in his eyes, "You've just poisoned my daughter, threatened to place my son into the death eater ranks, and you want me to support you?"
"Why, Perseus," Uncle Nott looked surprised, "To be given the opportunity to join the death eaters is a gift and an honour."
"I said no and I still say no, Nott. I will never, ever support your claim - I will always speak against you, whether it be from the bars of my prison or not!"
"Pity," Uncle Nott sighed, "How would you speak against me if you had no tongue to utter word with." He nodded to the more brutish Notts, "Gentlemen, cut it out."
Her mother's cry of despair and pleading awoke Ebony from her stupor, she had to leave, now. She faintly remembered that there was a party over at Nagini's house - a mourning party. She glanced up subtly, her supposed 'guard' was watching the detail with hungry interest. She reached out and picked up the note and the knife. As she was beginning to change into her animagus form, she wondered if her parents had made her learn it all those years ago, just in case something would happen. Her front left leg hanging painfully in the air and a limp in her right back leg, she limped as fast as she could from the scene, headed desperately towards Nagini's.
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PostSubject: Re: Ebonique Midnight Nott (Ebony Nott)   

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Ebonique Midnight Nott (Ebony Nott)
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