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 An end to Ebony's Nightmares

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Jacques Nott


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PostSubject: An end to Ebony's Nightmares   Sat Feb 11, 2012 10:37 am

MidnightEye43 "-a sectumsempra cuts across her and she stumbles in pain- PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!"
MidnightEye43 "-jumps as she hears something crack behind her.- So you've survived for this long, wolf cub. -her uncle grins maliciously down at her.-"
MidnightEye43 "-she backs away, almost tripping as more familiar faces join her uncle. She shakes.- I must say, I am impressed, not many get this far."
MidnightEye43 "But it isn't long now, is it, Ebony? -her uncle says quietly. She feels dizzy just at the words.- We could end it for you now, mercifully."
MidnightEye43 "It's such a pity you ran when you did. -he sighs- Your father would've liked to have seen your face one last time before he died."
MidnightEye43 "-she feels the sob climb to her throat and she glares at her uncle in hatred. He chuckles.- My, my, such loathing."
MidnightEye43 "-Ebony points her wand directly at her uncle- Sectumsempra! -he deflects the spell- You need to do better than that."
MidnightEye43 "CONFRINGO! -she yells desperately, just missing, and he laughs and so does the others- You've got to mean it, Ebony."
MidnightEye43 "-She sobs, tears starting well at her eyes. She is terrified, there is nobody she fears more.- STUPEFY!"
MidnightEye43 "-Her uncle has had enough. His grin disappears and he walks towards her, she backs up, hitting a wall. His wand at her throat.- Time to die."
MidnightEye43 "-She stares back, and then whispers.- No, it's not. -She kicks him, sending him stumbling back. The wall behind her crumbles.-"
MidnightEye43 "-She glances at her uncle quickly, transforming and pelting off over the bodys, towards the forest. He growls.- Oh no you don't."
MidnightEye43 "-She enters the forest, glancing behind her at every noise, heart pounding in her throat. The poison weakens her, making her fall and"
MidnightEye43 "transform back. She grunts in pain as she hits the ground, quickly crawling back, glancing around at the trees.-"
MidnightEye43 "-she fumbles for her wand, shaking, as a figure slowly emerges from the darkness, laughing to himself.- No more running."
MidnightEye43 "-He points his wand directly at her- Time to die, Ebony. Just like the dog you are. -she points back at him, this was it.-"
MidnightEye43 "AVADA KEDAVRA -he shouts as she screams- CONFRINGO! -the spells collide, blasting them both apart. Her uncle hits a tree, slumping, a shard"
MidnightEye43 "lodged in his neck. She lies a few meters away and looks up, blood on her face, dirty tear streaks on her cheeks.-
MidnightEye43 "-She manages to stand, stumbling over to look. The man who had k her family, the man who had destroyed her, was now dead. She sobs.-"
MidnightEye43 "-And then she coughs, her airways constricting. She coughs, and specks of blood cover the snow. She glances upwards towards an old tree.-"
MidnightEye43 "-And there, right before her very eyes, was the last rune she needed. She closes her eyes, but not anymore. It was too late.-"
MidnightEye43 "-She falls to her knees, no longer having the energy to stand. She hears a voice behind her, one so missed.- Ebony."
MidnightEye43 "-She looks around and the image of her father smiles back at her, a few meters away.- You can stop running. -He holds out his arms.-"
MidnightEye43 "-Behind him are her mother and brother, and so many others. Tears flood down her cheeks and she sobs, getting to her feet.-"
MidnightEye43 "-And she runs towards death, arms out-stretched, a smile on her face.-"
MidnightEye43 "-Leaving behind a broken body, lying motionless in the snow, her empty eyes staring up at a starless sky.-"
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An end to Ebony's Nightmares
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