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 Meredia's Cast

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PostSubject: Meredia's Cast   Fri Dec 21, 2012 6:08 pm

This is where all my bios will be ^_^

Current cast:
Meredia Desouza Gryffindor
Amaya Desouza Slytherin
Ace Morgentine/Francesca Desouza Hufflepuff
Brynmor Desouza Ravenclaw

Lukas Moroskov Gryffindor
Donia Travers Slytherin
Axel Hufflepuff
Keanna 'Kiki' Rogers Gryffindor

Occassional Cast:
Annette Cayden, Auror Ravenclaw (formerly)

Notable Deceased Characters:
Ellise Abonacci/Desouza
Sydnay Abonacci/Desouza
John Abonacci
Evan McFadden

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Posts : 19789
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PostSubject: Lukas Moroskov   Fri Dec 21, 2012 6:31 pm

House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: N/A
Patronus: Kitsune
Year: Sixth Year
Allegiance: No Allegiance, simply chaotic.

Arrogant, lustful and violent: those are the 3 most commonly used words to sum up Lukas Moroskov. Placed in Gryffindor purely for his sheer overconfidence, he is from heroic. He cares little about anything or anyone.

Although very powerful and domineering, Lukas is actually very lazy. There is only one thing he wants to acheive from life: Discord, and lots of it.

He has no solid loyalty to any cause, only siding with the people who can provide him entertainment and sustenance. He owns numerous contracts with various characters which allow him to get the blood and human contact he needs to survive.

Lukas has been careful enough not to reveal his weaknesses. It has been shown however, that he is in fact a kitsune. He is able to create near perfect illusions with ease, and possesses a great skill and control over the element of fire.

Luckily for the other characters, everything seems to amuse him...boredom is not a trait which combines well with him.

He claims not to feel human emotions but that is contradicted by his growing emotions for Pixie Flame, which he is sorely keeping under wraps, mainly for her protection and his pride.
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PostSubject: Ace Morgentine   Fri Dec 21, 2012 6:38 pm

Birth Name: Francesca Desouza
Blood Status: Half-blood, as far as she knows
House: Hufflepuff
Year: 7th Year
Allegiance: Leans on the moral/lawful side
Patronus: Cat

Ace Morgentine is the oldest of the 8 Desouza siblings. Techically, she should be in her 8th year of Hogwarts (if it existed), but has arrived at school late and missed most of her education.

She tends to dress in boy's clothing, consisting of loose jeans and a baggy hoodie. Ace has short, sand coloured hair and pale grey eyes like the rest of her siblings.

She also likes hats of any sort.

The girl is best known for her tactical nature, excelling at wizard's chess. However, she has little magical ability and avoids direct confrontation.

Ace always knew she was the weakest link in the family, faking her own death to elude Abonacci's grasp. In her time away from her siblings she solved puzzles for people, developing her intellect and going by the alias of Ace Morgentine.

Her intelligence acts as a double-edged sword, isolating her from others but also keeping her safe. Few people break her antisocial exterior, her personality is a puzzle in itself..

On a good day, she is generally quick to formulate plans and work out people's perceptions, but it's been recently revealed that Ace suffers from bouts of insanity, which hinders her thinking and keeps her mind precariously fragile.
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PostSubject: Amaya Desouza    Mon Jan 21, 2013 6:29 pm

(I couldn't write this in any perspective but hers..seriously, she is practically indescribable.)

If you hadn't figured it out already, my name's Amaya Desouza. 6th year, 17 years old, in Slytherin. I've got these creepy pale grey eyes and the slim figure girls die for. -pauses- Why does this feel like I'm setting up a dating profile..?

I suppose there's only one thing you should know about me: screw me over and multiple knives will be sailing happily into that pea-sized brain of yours.

Thing is, I'm not sweet or kind like my sisters are. I'm blunt and to the point; I ain't gonna take any of your crap. If you're weeping over something trivial and mundane, find someone else's shoulder to cry on. However, if you want a drinking buddy or a partner in violence/crime, I got your back. I've got a good sense of humour; it's dry and sarcastic, just like i am!

Not a fan of my bluntness? ... you know where the Hogwarts Express is. -smiles sweetly-

Yeah, i'm pretty difficult to handle sometimes (understatement of the year), It comes with being raised by the douchebag known as John Abonacci. He was a renowned mobster with 8 kids. 8 FREAKING KIDS. God we were raised like sheep, groomed for our "potential". Eugh.

In short I snapped his neck. Best moment of my life.

Maybe I should mention the fact I'm a werewolf too. This makes me stronger than most people and my sense of smell's pretty accurate as well. The catch is that every full moon i have to skulk out to the forest and break most of my bones. It's a.... wonderful feeling. -represses a shiver-

Some people know this by now, but I'm ruthless when push comes to shove. If you piss me off, don't think I won't hesitate to grab a knife and slice you with it. I'm handy with a dagger, always have been and always will be. On top of all of this, i managed to pick up the ability to copy myself from a guy called Lukas. I don't use it often, but i can be my own fucking army.

All this power comes with great responsibility and I always use it wisely. pfft.

It probably doesn't help my cause that I don't care about much (do NOT even get me started on relationships..) I walk on both sides of the moral fence, because life is too freaking boring otherwise. Sure, it puts me in harm's way, but admittedly danger is tempting, almost intoxicating...

Simply put: I'm unpredictable, volatile, and it's damn well stayin' that way. Don't waste your time trying to second guess me.

I think I'm done here. -throws quill on floor and strolls away-

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PostSubject: Re: Meredia's Cast   

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Meredia's Cast
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