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 Gladameir Vollectia

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PostSubject: Gladameir Vollectia   Tue Jun 26, 2012 5:17 pm

Name: Gladameir Vollectia, most commonly known as Ged or Sparrowhawk.

Gender: Male

Short Bio: Not much is known of Ged, other then the fact that he had been travelling his whole life.
He's a feared shapeshifter, for the mere fact that he's written down to have killed man muggles and wizards alike for what seems to be no reason whatsoever.

Ged is a kind man with a soft heart. He's quiet, though polite, and will carry on a good-natured conversation if someone really wants to talk.
He's fond of warm tea, and kind faces.
However, he is very set on freedom, and gets slightly tense if it is talked about without meaning, or desire for it's true taste.
He's also very protective of those that he looks upon with compassion, and will fight to the death for them.

Not much else is known about Ged, other then the fact that he uses a staff as his main magic weapon. He does not seem to posses a wand, or even care about them.
He is not from England, and it's obvious from his soft American accent.
It is unknown what his patronus and Fiendfyre forms are.
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Gladameir Vollectia
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