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 Lumina Winter

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PostSubject: Lumina Winter   Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:33 am

Lumina is a distant relative of Amy and Jade. Also a direct decedent of Merlin. She's a fifth year Slytherin who just transferred in from a School in Italy. She looks a lot like Amy did as a human, fair skin, icy blue eyes, but instead of light blonde her hair is shocking white. She's pretty punk-ish in style and attitude, everything she does is for her own amusement, so she's not good but not evil either. Doesn't really take sides just observes and intervenes when she feels it's necessary. Very fast learner, grasps concepts and ideals very quickly, her potion skills being her strongest point. From an outside point of view she would appear to be normal, but her mind works in odd ways and she can be quite off the wall sometimes. Gets along with pretty much everyone, but doesn't actually let people too close.

she does have seer abilities the first in her family since Amy. Her abilities work different though when she touches objects she gets flashes of either their past or future. She hasn't learned to control which one she see's so it varies greatly. It also happens sometimes when she touches a person, when this happens its very intense and uses a lot of her strength.
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Lumina Winter
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