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 Artemis Strayer (Sound)

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PostSubject: Artemis Strayer (Sound)   Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:26 am

Born into a family of aurors, all Sound has ever wanted to do is be an auror to live up to his family name. This ancient family has a very distinct code of conduct, example: A member cannot know their birth name until they have successfully arrested a Death Eater. As such, the members all put a different noun on their existence until they know for certain what their name is, but since all of them become aurors anyway, they tend to stick with their code names to protect themselves from their enemies. Sound's every action is guided by this code of honor and strives every day to live up to his family's reputation. Sound is very old fashioned, he is extremely hesitant to fighting women, Death Eater or otherwise. Even though devoted to the end of Voldemort's reign, he is not above helping an enemy if they are injured. He is pretty strong, but is too modest for bragging. As well, he seems to be a bit shy and even stated his only fear is talking in front of lots of people.
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Artemis Strayer (Sound)
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