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 Slytherin Common room

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PostSubject: Re: Slytherin Common room   Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:48 am

The prospects of what the two of them could achieve together brought forth two sensations. One was mouth watering ambition, and the other was a slight curving of his fingers, as though they wished to grab hold of the greatness they were destined for.

But then a third sensation rose with his excitement. A trembling of his hand and a burst of excitement that exploded in his chest like a firework launched too early. He could feel it creeping like a virus until it consumed every sinew of his body. 

This was the sensation that caused him dread. He always had to be careful with his emotional state all his life. Doing his best to remain composed, his other hand slide into his pocket to take hold of his much needed vial. "I look forward to working with you!" He smiled brightly, a little too widely to be considered natural. "If you'll pardon me, the hour is rather late even for me..." He gave his all to trying to keep his voice level and calm, so as not to showcase the violent and ecstatic feelings threatening to overtake his mind.

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Slytherin Common room
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