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 Polidus and Ajolta

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PostSubject: Polidus and Ajolta   Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:49 pm

Name: Polidus 
Title: High Priest
Age: 30's
Born: Diarmid
Affiliation:Temple of the Watcher, Diarmid


  • Destructive Power: A
  • Speed: F
  • Range: A
  • Durability/Staying: F
  • Precision: B
  • Development Potential/Learning: A+

Born in a land that valued strength above all else, the naturally frail Polidus had many challenges to overcome. What kept him away from a life of drudgery was his razor sharp intellect, rare political acumen, smooth talking and his natural connection to the Watcher of the Well. 

When these traits manifested, he was quickly taken from a failed acolyte to an apprentice under the high priest. He was a very quick study in his craft and was above all things else, eager. Any order he was given, he responded to immediately and he proved his reliability time and time again. When the previous High Priest died, Polidus taking the reigns was a very smooth transition. Despite his status being second only to the Emperors themselves, he still retains his humility and does all he possibly can to service Diarmid as a whole with no underlying objectives of his own. Service is it's own reward to him.

Humble and meek from a first appearance, it's very easy to pass him off as just a servant. However, his infinite cunning is also disguised by this. 

Some question how a man so refined and civil was born to the brutish land of Diarmid, however his distinction is exactly why he's so valued as a diplomat and speaker on Diarmid's behalf. It's even gotten to the point where the Emperor's entrust him to foreign affairs given his aptitude. 

However high his position is though he never seeks personal glory or the spotlight, avoiding it whenever he can. 

However he knows he's very powerful and will show it whenever someone threatens Diarmid or someone of importance to him just like his contemporaries. However these are usually in short bursts and are finished once it's use is extinguished. 

Magic: For any physical aptitude he lacks, he more than compensates for with magic. One of the strongest Ignited in Diarmid he has dabbled in all kinds of magic from the conventional to the unorthodox. 

Political Mind: He has a rare talent for politics and is relied upon as an advisor to the emperors. As the more barbaric days ebbe away, Polidus's talents become more and more utilized by the Emperors. He is humble, diplomatic and often knew how to create an opportunity for Diarmid without putting it's political standing at risk. 


Name: Ajolta 
Title: Bodyguard of the High Priest
Age: 20's
Born: Diarmid
Affiliation:Diarmid, Emberless Division, Polidus


  • Destructive Power: F
  • Speed: A
  • Range: C
  • Durability/Staying: A+
  • Precision: C
  • Development Potential/Learning: B-

A model soldier of Diarmid and one of the toughest Emberless fighters in the village, he has proven his strength countless times in battle. Originally serving under General Ovauzhar but having a falling out with him for reasons unknown, he now serves as the high priest's bodyguard and loyally follows him wherever he goes. It's rumored the priest saved his life at one point however it is never spoken about by either party.

Fierce, fiery and savage, Ajolta resembles the most common stereotype of Diarmidian males. Loving combat to the point of thoughtlessness, he'll often rush straight into any confrontation and was by every definition a firestarter. 

Devoid of magic, this didn't impact his ego at all. However he is incredibly loyal to his designated masters and will obey his orders without question unless his temper gets the better of him. 

Kama mastery: 

Wielding two kamas, he has dedicated his training to these weapons and is a master in their use. 

Watcher's Root: Ajolta is one of the few Diarmidians that can eat this hallucinogenic mushroom and not drop dead from the strain it exerts on him. While under the root's influence, his rage dominates his mind and his speed and strength get augmented to superhuman levels. While all his physical abilities increase, his mental defenses are lowered completely and he is not capable of cognitive reasoning at all and surrenders completely to impulses. While this makes him strong and unpredictable, it also makes him vulnerable to mind magic of any kind.

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Polidus and Ajolta
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