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 Airabella Delsauron

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PostSubject: Airabella Delsauron   Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:07 pm

Airabella or Bell as most call her is the last of Delsauron family and heir to Helico Fennas. She's been trained and taught in a well versed set of academics and combat although she always leaned more towards her healing abilities and understanding of how minds work for all types of beings. She's a very dreamy and empathetic person with a big heart and strong will. She spent about a decade on human earth with a strong case of amnesia after choosing to leave the fold of the gaurdians before ascending to power, but on the threat of a takeover her mentor and best friend Merrick traveled to earth to return her memories and convince to at least for now keep the peace until she found someone well suited for the enormous responsibility and power.

  As most Ezuri are she is on the tall side standing 5'11''. She had sapphire black hair that curls into large spirals although she usually wears it up. Her eyes are a steely blue although given the correct lighting they appear silver. Though her training has made her lean she maintains a curvaceous figure proportional for her height. Very fond of human clothing especially in a pinkish fashion.  A star and sun tattoo curve along her shoulder blade and slightly up her neck symbolizing her stature and family crest. And a long thin scar runs along her left cheekbone from a fight long ago. She appears to be in her early twenties although she's nicely into her second century. 

  Bell is extremely laid back and open-minded, curious, adventurous and very naive at times due to her overly curious nature. Her past is riddled with tragedy having lost most of her family in one of the few stirrings of an uprising from an outer universe. And having lost her fiance to natural illness. Leaving her emotionally damaged although she hides it very well behind wide eyes and a friendly smile. 

  She has an average amount of most elemental control, but specializes in water and ice. Increased speed, agility and strength from years of training. Although this can be limited at times if weakened from using too much magic. Her healing is top notch and experienced although major injuries can only be helped so much and fatal ones are tricky and energy consuming. She's fallen into a coma twice brining a life back from the edge of death. Also maintains slight telepathy with certain persons. 

  Fire is her main weakness along with sharp high pitched noises (which can seriously harm her mind). Overly bright light can cause temporary blindness hence why she usually wears sunglasses.

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Airabella Delsauron
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