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 Cynder Osthrein of Odaigra

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PostSubject: Cynder Osthrein of Odaigra    Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:24 am

Short Background:
One of the few Tailmouths to be raised outside their caverns of the North, Cynder was born at the base of the Lithium Mountains under the dense cover of the trees that grew there. Both of Cynder's parents were very absent when he was a child but because Tailmouths never form truly tight nit groups this was never strange. He grew up mostly under the tutelage of his sister Xira, who would always take him on long trips and journeys, showing him as much as she could. Until one day she mysteriously disappeared and no matter how long or wide Cynder searched, he couldn’t find her. His father was slain in a fight with an elder Wyvern during the rainy months and now he is left with the rare company of his mother.  Cynder now wanders mostly about Odaigra, occasionally venturing outside on the account of seeing strangers pass by

Cynder is rather tall for his age, standing at “5 ft. 7 ½ inch.” He’s tall for a tailmouth at only 16,000 years of age. (16 in human years). He has light tan skin that is covered in a thin layer of identically colored fur. The tips of both his fingers and lower paws are a light gray; same as his hair. Because he was second to his sister, he got much less of a physically strong body, Noticeable by his thinner legs and arms. Light green stripes adorn the sides of his torso, arcs of his shoulders, and lower calves. The tips of his gray hair are a noticeably darker gray, the same pattern appears on his mouth tail, which is 8 feet normally but can extend a full foot and a half more past that. His mouthtail Zara has two rows of sharp yellow teeth, four larger fangs sit at the front, the top two being the shorter, while the bottom teeth are longer, curving upwards like elephant tusks. Zara has a long, prehensile tongue that is the same color as Cynder’s bodily stripes. Like all Tailmouths, Cynder has padded, cat like feet with three toes; but lacks claws. Cynder’s only notable animalistic features other than his large furry ears and feet are the set of four sharp teeth in his mouth. Cynder’s eyes are a bright orange with a very light yellow outline.

Cynder himself is one of the rare instances where Tailmouths acquire inborn powers, usually relating to a force of nature. If Cynder concentrates he can breathe short bursts of fire. Similarly his mouthtail Zara can spout bursts of burning saliva, which has the same effects and heat as lava. Fully realized, Cynder can cover his arms up to his elbows in fire, this goes for his legs as well (up to his knees). The tips of his ears can become ignited and the spine of his mouthtail will acquire a streak of fire. At this point he can fully manipulate fire, even ones he hasn’t created himself. (But because of the age I’m going to make him in this he won’t have these abilities! Or at least not all of them… ^_^)

Cynder is very curious, and usually will act upon a first encounter to follow and or investigate a strange or new thing/being/person. He is very courteous and doesn’t usually act in his interest first. He will occasionally take risks, unless Zara senses something is wrong or he can visually see an aspect of a situation that would not end well for him. Cynder is not very ambitious. He has no set goals or places he wishes to be so he never has had a strong desire to succeed at anything in particular. He does however have a strong sense of righteousness, and will often call others out when they aren’t. Cynder has poor self control in most areas, not corresponding with his age he can never hold back from voicing what he feels or thinks and will often rush into situations without at first observing things from afar. He has no reigns on himself and this leads to much trouble with others; even if it isn’t intended. He typically does tend to nurture others, subtly or otherwise. Even if it might not be needed or wanted.  He is generally trusting of others seeing as he had no reason to not trust anyone growing up.  He is also generally honest, if not often brash. His loyalty is hard to obtain, but even harder to maintain. Zara has sharper senses than him and will often warn him if something does not feel right. And he trusts his mouthtail more than anyone and is loyal to its direction and advice. But even if he is super loyal to someone, he will often stretch this if it fits more within his personal thinking on something (unless he happens to agree with other ((s))) In terms of affection or romance, this is rare with Cynder. He is in no way, shape or form a romantic and has a very difficult time becoming comfortable with close affection. He only ever felt that with his mother and sister, so anything outside that is strange and foreign to him and will likely take a considerable amount of time for him to become okay with. He also never had an inclination for romantic feelings or affectionate behavior. Some may mistake this for coldness or uncaring but he is really a loyal and genuine soul; he simply would rather closeness be in the form of a quick hug rather than a strong embrace. Yet despite his boundaries with romance and affection, he is quite flirtatious. Often trying to show his better points to those he is subtly interested in.  His sympathy for others is occasional. He grew up being taught that the lives of others are not his concern, so while he may feel for tragedies or celebrations that occur, he never becomes too involved emotionally with them unless they involve himself or someone he values. He is generally selfless, but can be immature of selfish. He is occasionally optimistic, but often sees life for what it is, a balance of good and bad. And since he lost a family member early on, his thoughts tend to drift to the more macabre side of things; but he is not without his cheery moments. Cynder’s attention is sporadic, often drifting from one subject to the next due to his poor control of his relation with his mouthtail. So his observation could be better. Cynder is typically logical and is a outgoing; meeting strangers pleasantly even if they may not take kindly to him. His emotions are somewhat controlled but can became quickly out of control if the situation becomes too intense.
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Cynder Osthrein of Odaigra
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