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 Bara of Andawarudo

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PostSubject: Bara of Andawarudo   Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:36 am

Name: Bara Akuma ("Rose Demon" in Japanese), also goes by Rose.
Title: Empress
Age: 20


Rose grew up in an Asian like world called Andawarudo.  (Japanese for "Underworld")  The realm is filled with supernatural creatures of all kinds, including werewolves, vampires, witches, etc.  But, there are humans also.  She grew up human, fearful of all the creatures of the realm.  But then she got to studying them, and decided she wanted to be a vampire.  When she was 20 years old, a vampire took interest in her.  She learned many things from him, and once he turned her, she felt free.  

The longer she remained a vampire, the more and more power-hungry and selfish she grew.  One day she decided that she wanted to be the empress of the vampire part of the realm.  It took her many, MANY years, but she eventually murdered the current ruler of the vampires and took his place.  The vampire who turned her is her adviser.  She's a bloodthirsty (ROFL!) queen bent on power.


Before Rose turned, she was a timid human with fears of every kind.  But once she became a vampire, she lost all trace of any humanity within her.  She cares for no one but herself, and will kill without any thought or guilt.  She's arrogant and cruel.  Some vampires love her, most hate her.  She has a goal to take over the whole realm, ruling over more than just the vampires.  

Rose has long, black hair with red tips, one red eye and one black eye.  She wears fancy, royal black and red clothes.

Vampire Traits:

In this world, vampires have super speed and strength.  They burn in sunlight, and garlic harms them.  They can also read and control minds of anyone they please, but are weakened whenever there is garlic around.  

(More stuff to come if I think of anything else! Smile )
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Bara of Andawarudo
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