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 Prince Vesk of Raylea

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PostSubject: Prince Vesk of Raylea   Wed Jun 24, 2015 5:55 pm

((Uses this fabulous piece of art by mallius on tumblr for the personality Vesk is based off of.))

Name: Vesk
Age: 20
Title: Prince
Affinity: Storms and lightning

Most claim that the day Vesk was born, a storm rolled in the likes of which had never been seen in Raylea before, and yet the thunder was cause for celebration. He is the third child to the monarch, Lorn, with two older siblings - however, as the most powerful of the three, Vesk has a stronger chance of being handed the crown when his parent retires.

Vesk's affinity for the storms showed earlier than most - a tantrum of his caused one to rain down on Raylea again, although it took a few before the link was made to his volatile nature. 

Despite the customary training and honing of abilities for those gifted, Vesk has proven that the easiness with which his temper can break is his downfall. Little can be done to calm him once it snaps due to the feedback between him and the storms, and all that the people can do is wait it out until he tires himself.

For the most part, his storms have just been for show - flashes of lightning, crashes of thunder. Vesk has never intentionally harmed anyone, especially not anyone from Raylea - though, given the chance, he would laugh while riding into battle with a storm brewing overhead.
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Prince Vesk of Raylea
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