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 Achak the Wendigo

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PostSubject: Achak the Wendigo   Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:54 am

Achak the Wendigo

History: Originating from the pre-colonized west, the wendigo known as Achak was a particular danger to the Algonquian tribe. He hunted their people and devoured them one by one to stave off his insatiable hunger. 

One day a brave 'shaman' (Native American wizard) confronted the evil beast and sealed it away into a green stone. While this would allow him to escape the extinction of his race, it also left him imprisoned and worse yet starving.

One day Artisan came upon the stone and accidentally freed the creature when he tried to understand it.

Freed and hungry, the creature took possession of a human body to allow him to move without detection. However when it comes time to hunt, he reveals his true form.

Achak's name is derived from the name of the shaman who imprisoned him as a latent form of revenge to smear his name.

Achak is an embodiment of selfishness. He cares about no other being than himself, however he doesn't hate other life forms. He is in fact thankful they exist, for no other reason than to allow him a food source.

His hunger defines him, as it is unending and his constant goal to satisfy. Each 'meal' only brings him momentary relief but these moments are worth the life of another to him.

Despite the eternal hunger, made worse by his entrapment, he retains his selectiveness with his meals. He is a self admitted 'picky eater' who will not bother with a person that doesn't seem appetizing to him unless utterly desperate. What qualifies as good and bad taste has to be determined still but so far he seems to prefer wizards and witches. 

Despite being single minded in his goal, he can be persuaded to operate within someone's intentions if he benefits in the end. But he has no loyalty or morality to speak of and will turn the minute a better offer comes along. 

He can't love, have friendship or anything, he is just a creature with his own survival on his mind.

About Wendigo's:
Wendigo's are savage spirits from the Americas. Eternally hungry, they live for no other cause than to hunt other living beings, namely humans, and devouring them. Through each kill of theirs, their hunger gets satisfied less and less making their need to kill ever stronger. 

Wendigo's are not born, but rather created. There are several channels from which this is possible. If a human eats human flesh on a regular basis, they run the risk of becoming a wendigo. Wendigo's can also possess people, making the host a wendigo after they succumb to the unbearable hunger that will plague them. 

Partial to cold, dark climates as well as frozen victims, they typically are found in more cold areas but can survive anywhere. Sometimes they will bring a victim to a cold area to freeze them before eating them

Although the majority of them are extinct thanks to Native American shamans a few have managed to hide well...


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PostSubject: Re: Achak the Wendigo   Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:56 am


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Achak the Wendigo
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