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 Alexander Isaac

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PostSubject: Alexander Isaac    Mon Jan 06, 2014 7:46 pm

Year- 6
Blood status- Half Blood

Looks- About 5 foot 6, he has longish black hair that hangs down and almost covers his silver eyes.he usually dresses in all black, as if trying to fade into the background.

Personality- on first glance, Xander is taken to be an anti-social rude guy. He insults, winds up and seems to make it his job to upset everyone. However, when he thinks no one is watching, the mask slips to reveal a very lonely and unsure boy. 

Background- Xanders father was a pureblood. His parents disowned him when he fell in love with a muggle- but they didnt stop there. Unknown, they had set a curse for their firstborn to never be able to care about anyone. 
hey had not known of the curse at first- Xanders mother had diied while he was young, and his father had been heartbroken. He closed his heart to the world, and could never truely care for his son. He gave Xander everything he ever needed, except true love.
When Xander started school, it suddently became obvious to his father what had happened. Teachers, freinds, anyone who showed his son any kindness got hurt in strange circumstances.
So from the age of 7, Xander had been trained not to care. But Xander hated it.
at the age of 14, he had broken every rule he had been given and made friends with a shy girl that had been bullied. their friendship grew and Xander had a hope that the curse had finally stopped....unlit the day he found her murdered behind the school.
Beccause of him.
Since then, He made sure everyone would hate him, wouldn get close to him, because he couldnt take anymore people being hurt because of him, even though it hurt him every day
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Alexander Isaac
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