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 Shop: Lost&Found

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PostSubject: Shop: Lost&Found   Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:42 am

Lost&Found; Located in ; Diagon Alley, Hogsmead,and sometimes even in Knockturn Alley on occasion. It is the shop that always seems to have what you're looking for, or sometimes what you don't know you're looking for, when you need it the most. Indeed the question you should ask yourself when entering this shop isn't will you find what you need. No the question you should ask is are you willing to pay the price.
For in this dimly lit shop of wonders and mysteries the price is set at an even exchange, and the price is not always currency. There is no way around it when you get what you need from this shop you always pay. There is no running from it, the shop keeper here sees to it.
Her name is Munin, no one knows her last name or where she came from. Her back story is as shrouded in mystery as the shop she keeps. She isn't often seen outside of her shop, you will normally find her in the center of the store. Surrounded by a circulare island like desk, made of a rich wood that gleams in the light. Nose stuck in a book with her disconcerting copper eyes flecked with gold copper staring intently at her page. A thick black braid falling over one shoulder, black wisps of hair escaping to fram her pale gold face.
She sometimes seems to completely ignore the customers that wonder into her store. Those that have tested this assumption by stealing have found out the truth the hard way.
Everyone pays for what they get at Lost&Found, and those that steal pay more than anyone.
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Shop: Lost&Found
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