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 'Potion Princess' Martin Koller

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Potion Koller


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PostSubject: 'Potion Princess' Martin Koller    Fri Dec 09, 2011 3:12 pm

Real name: Martin Koller
Nickname: Potion Princess
Age: 14
Blood status: Muggle-born
House: Ravenclaw


Potion is about 5.7 feet tall, fourteen year old girl with a long dark-brown hair and brown eyes. She usually wears her Ravenclaw Hogwarts uniform, but other than that she wears girly clothes a lot similar to Sarah Kay. Most of the time she is seen carrying a large pile of books and parchments in her hands and that gives her a look of a nerd and know-it-all, which she, after all, is. People often misunderstand her as a weak and quiet person with almost no abilities, but that is indeed not true.


At the first sight, other people see Potion as a sweet, kind, friendly person whose biggest ambition is to finish her school with perfect grades. After all, that is exactly how she wants others to see her. She tends to act all sweet and innocent, looking always happy and cheerful, but behind that is one very sad person, a lot more complex and mature then she seems.
In her early childhood, Potion had one big trauma that will always leave a big impression on her and her thoughts. When she was five, and still living in Muggle world, she was left in to take care of her one year old brother for just few minutes, and due to her uncontrolled magic, her brother died in front of her eyes being hit by electric power. After all these years, she still believes that the accident was all her fault and she absolutely blames herself for her brother’s death, and sometimes she wishes that she have died instead of him.
That event changed her personality a lot, and it was the main reason why she has grown in to a person such as she is now. When she helps other people, she feels like she is making up for what she has done to her brother, and happiness of other people is always more important to her then her own happiness. She almost never cares for her life, and she would probably die just so she can make someone she cares about happy.
As a true Ravenclaw, Potion is really smart and intelligent, and talented in many areas, such as spells, potions, but also Muggle stuff as writing, music and art. All that she does or creates she does alone, and people that have seen her work are rare. She would never want to harm someone, even if she could use her spells for that, and she makes them just because she likes that, and because they are good for defense.
Another area where she is absolutely natural at is psychology. She really understands people, and she can truly get to know them after speaking to them for only once. She believes that there is good in everyone and that everyone has a chance to change and start over, but that does not make her blind and naïve, because she can also see their flaws and bad sides. She believes in philosophy of Yin Yang, and that is how she sees life.
When it comes to death, she believes that death is hardly a sad thing, unless someone is killed and his life is taken away from him for nothing. She believes that everyone gets an amount of time, and that people should spend that time on the best way for the whole population, helping others and doing good things, otherwise their lives will be in vain. At the other hand, she thinks that her brother could have been a great person with a beautiful life, and that he was not supposed to die, and that is what hurts her the most.
Her wish to help and do good things is maybe the main reason why she wants to join the Aurors. She always seen them as great people who dedicate their whole lives to doing good deeds, and she believes that she was made to be an Auror. She wants to protect world from Dark Arts and Death Eaters, even if she dies in that attempt. For her, something like that is worth dying.


Potions: This is one of hers biggest talents, hence her nickname. Potion never tried to make her own potions, but she can easily correct the already existing ones and make them easier and simply. She enjoys making potions a lot, and she does that every time she is feeling down and sad.

Spells: Potion has already made few of her own defending spells, and she believes that they will be very useful in her future job as an Auror. One of her biggest fears is that some of the Death Eaters will find out about them, and she tries to hide them and keep them away from everyone.

Ignis dolor- Pain like in hottest fire.

Glacie dolor- Pain like in coldest ice.

Invisibilis murus- Invisible wall around opponent, not letting any of his spells to work.

Horibus visio- Makes someone see many horrible things, the things he is most scared of. Something like Boggart, but in a shape of a spell.

Respiratio obsepio-Makes someone feel like he can't breathe.

Igniscirculus-Shoots small balls of fire at someone.

Psychology: One of her greatest abilities. She is able to know a person after just one talking, and she can understand every person’s emotions and feelings, and she cares for them more the she even cares for her own feelings. But this ability she uses only to help others, even if she could use it as weapon.

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'Potion Princess' Martin Koller
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