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 Progenitor Strayer

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PostSubject: Progenitor Strayer   Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:15 pm


An auror of noted skill and mind, Progenitor began his auror career as a normal Ministry-abiding auror. Later in life, on a mission for the Ministry, corrupt aurors caused the death of his wife.

Disillusioned with the standards of the auror department, he resolved to make an incorruptible force of justice. After researching his lineage and finding of his relation to Archimedes and Liesel Strayer, two aurors who have saved the queen herself, he decided to create a training regime for his family that would make them strictly tools for justice based on his ancestors success.

Having lied to the next few generations about having the training regime for several centuries, things went his way and the Strayers thrived. However his regime was also heartless. It stamped out the humanity of his family and eventually the protection of the innocent became merely an objective to obtain honor rather than a moral cause.

This heartlessness would inevitably be his downfall at the hands of Artemis Strayer. Designing the boy as a template to create an army to take over the Ministry and conform it to his ideals, his experiment ultimately 'failed' when Artemis developed a personality of his own.

Having his regime threatened and the code in threat of being changed, Progenitor feared the Strayers would fall to the corruption that took his wife so many years back.

To avoid this, he started the Strayer Civil War. He lead the Traditionalist side, the side that fought to protect the code he created. The aftermath of the war was a devastating reduction of the Strayer family and the death of Artemis's father and Progenitor's student, by his own hand.

Having been thwarted, Progenitor was taken to Azkaban but this didn't stop him. He created several problems in Artemis's life until eventually Artemis got him to be remorseful.

At the end of his life, Progenitor tried to make amends for his past mistakes by destroying evidence of his plan to take over the Ministry. Unfortunately his attempt at redemption failed and he was killed, a failed man.

it is difficult to imagine Progenitor trained Fade given their opposing philosophies. Progenitor believed in doing everything and anything to get the job accomplished, even at the expense of morality such as experimenting on Karen Strayer without her consent or lying to his entire family to get them in line.

He held an insurmountable amount of faith in the Strayer family ideals, rivaling that of Crest. He also believed emotions caused heistation and weakness, as fear for ones life was what caused his wife's death.

Having an almost feared presence among the council members, he was seldom contradicted and never expected opposition. However he was extremely ill-receptive to change and couldn't stand not being in control.

In spite of his amoral methods, he wasn't completely moral-less. When Artemis opened up his eyes to his wrongdoings he attempted to right the wrongs he caused. Sadly, these efforts were in vain.

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Progenitor Strayer
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