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 Fade Strayer

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PostSubject: Fade Strayer   Mon Oct 22, 2012 6:25 pm

Born into the Strayer family, Arthur Strayer exhibited a natural proclivity for seemingly every skill a Strayer was expected to understand. Few debate he was the finest Strayer ever trained.

At a young age, Progenitor (the Head Strayer at the time) took Fade under his wing and taught him all he knows.

As Fade grew up, he became more and more renowned with each mission for his skills in battle and overall wisdom. He was the only candidate for the title of Head Strayer when it came time to pass on the title. And ALL the family was in agreement.

Married to Karen Strayer with 3 heirs, Fade Strayer thought all was well. But something was nagging at him for many years. He felt the code that they had so reverently followed was getting outdated, but he had not the nerve to stand up for this.

But his voice for reform would not go unheard. Later in life, he would be taken by his enemies and saved by his most noble son and eventual successor, Artemis Staryer. This rescue went against the code's orders, but Artemis couldn't let his father die.

After the rescue, Fade decided to voice his opinions and many Strayers agreed. But with as many that did, several didn't. Among them was Fade's old master Progenitor, who led a rebellion against the changes to his old code. This rebellion would become known as the Strayer Civil War.

The most notable lose in this war was Fade Strayer, killed by the man who trained him so many years ago.

However while lost, he was not forgotten. Artemis, having taken his father's place, frequently cited Fade as his motivation and did his best to honor his father's memory as a noble man.

Vaunted wisdom was the cornerstone to his fame. However fame didn't affect Fade in the very least.

Some say Fade was all of his sons put together. He has Artemis's kindness, Crest's resolve and Artisan's creativity. He was a very capable leader and a tactical genius.

Despite his reverence for his family, he couldn't help but question the code at times. But he usually pushed these thoughts aside, believing there was nothing he could do.

As a father, he was a stern but fair man. He tried to give his sons every possible advantage and trained all three equally. When it came to choosing his successor, despite Crest's apparent skill and resolve, he chose Sound for his strength of heart. It can be argued either he valued a person's heart more than their skills or he simply saw that Artemis would've been a better leader.

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Fade Strayer
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