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 Strayer Brothers

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PostSubject: Strayer Brothers   Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:22 am

Artisan Strayer:
While growing up in the strictest of the Strayer training years, Artisan was frequently thought a disappointment compared to his brothers, both being candidates for the title of Head Strayer. However while he was mediocre in most skills in his youth, he excelled greatly at inventing. He was so talented that on his first day of invention classes he invented the Strayer Pins that would go into common practice for generations to come. That served as a huge ego boost (some claim he still isn't over it's effects.)

One day he met Jessie and the two hit it off close to immediately. Artisan loved her utter devotion, borderline obsession with him and she loved everything about Artisan.

He's not a front line auror like his brothers are, opting to stay behind to invent new tools for them to use, offer advice and he usually handles clearing up crime scenes from muggle eyes.

If nothing else, Artisan is AMAZINGLY egotistical. This is rather ironic as the old Strayer ways forbid personal attachment. He enjoys showing off his skills and frequently and annoyingly brags about how 'awesome' he is in casual conversation.

Despite this, he's just as devoted to justice and protecting the innocent as any Strayer would be.

He speaks rather informally, but doesn't use slang like Topher and Joachim would. He doesn't have much reverence for authority but always does what his brothers ask.

He usually makes challenges for himself to finish a project his working on in a earlier time than is assigned. Missing his self appointed deadlines is extremely distressing to him as is losing or failure.

It should be noted that unlike Artemis, Artisan is VERY territorial. He has absolutely no qualms about hurting someone who tries to flirt with Jessie. Any man who tries to take Jessie away is often beaten within an inch of their lives by him.

Crest Strayer:
Crest Strayer was a child prodigy among the Strayer family, rivaled only by Sound. He was a candidate to become Head Strayer but Sound was chosen instead.

His best friend at the time was his cousin, Helm Strayer. The two would have lots of fun pulling pranks around Honora Castellum and Helm could always make Crest laugh.

However this would not last as Helm was killed on a mission. The pain of the lose made Crest withdraw completely and turned him into an emotionless machine for justice.

But unlike his brothers, Crest's heart was not free of revenge. Jean Descole, another auror, could've saved Helm's life but didn't in favor of completing the mission assigned. Crest bore a deep hatred for the man inside of him, but never revealed it to anyone. He stalked Jean for many years, wanting to learn everything about him so when Crest had a reasonable excuse to, he could defeat Descole in combat.

He found a rapier belonging to Archimedes Strayer and took the blade as his own. However he favored magic over it unless it was a worthy opponent.

Crest on the outside is an extremely cold and silent individual. He's dark, brooding and has absolutely zero patience for small talk or most people.

He's quite untrusting of most people and won't speak much around others he doesn't trust, which is close to everyone. He usually only says a word or two, and the act of getting him to talk in length about anything is a miracle.

This isn't to say though that he's a bad man. Like all Strayers, Justice is his goal in life. He just prefers actions to words. He has no hesitation to hurting criminals or suspects to get information and possess great skills as an interrogator.

To say he's emotionless though would be a lie. He loves Samantha Nuel and reverts back to his old self pre-Helm's death whenever he's around her. Also he's friends with Eagle and Meredia, even if it's not so obvious to others.

He's also an accomplished tracker, able to follow the most cautious of people without notice. This has helped him to gather information and sneak attacks.

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Strayer Brothers
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