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 Ahriman's Bio

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PostSubject: Ahriman's Bio   Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:24 pm

Name: Ahriman

Meaning: God of Death

Age: 17

House: Slytherin

Height: 5'9"

Physical Traits: He is Hispanic and has very tan skin (as is normal for hispanic people). He has long-ish curly black hair. He's tall and lean. He's got an almost permanate smirk on his face. He has brown eyes with a mischievious glint to them.

Personality: He is mischievious and not very trustworthy. He likes to trick people into seeing things his way. He is quite light-hearted most of the time, but like everyone he has a dark side. This is the side of him you don't want to cross. Ahriman is quite cruel when provoked. He enjoys torture and murder above all else.

Ahriman has a bit of a soft side for Sydnay, who he calls his "chica". He gets incredibly jealous when William is around her.

Past: Ahriman was created in the depths of Death's mind. He grew stronger as time wore on. Speaking to Death at first, then having brief moments of control, then days of control. At first, Death wanted Ahriman gone, it was a sign of his sanity leaving him. Ahriman left for a day and then was back again, stronger than before. Death, sick of having someone else in his head, made a deal with Lukas to give Ahriman a body of his own. The separation only lasted a few days, it became evident that neither Ahriman nor Death could live without the other, they merged back together.

After helping Death's girlfriend, River, rid herself of her split-personality, Ahriman had the idea that the same thing would work for him and Death. Ahriman begged and pleaded with Death, who was much more reluctant, but Death finally agreed. They created the potion with the aid of Eugene and Ahriman finally had a body of his own.
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Ahriman's Bio
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