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 Crouch Junior

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PostSubject: Crouch Junior   Mon Dec 05, 2011 8:13 am

Age: 17
Affiliation: Death Eater
Eyes/Hair: Brown

If the Dark Lord's will had arms and legs, then it would be Crouch Jr. Born to Crouch Sr and his wife and secret brother of River. In recently resurfaced memories, they show that Crouch was a kind brother in those days but after they were separated had no source of happiness in his childhood and became hateful and angry. Crouch Jr has a particular hatred of his family. Mostly brought about after they ignored him and treated him with Cruelty for many years. So much so that Crouch Jr considers the Death eaters as his family and Voldemort himself as a father figure, a feelin the Dark Lord has not failed to use to his advantage.

Extremely powerful, Crouch finds particular pleasure from flaunting his powers whenever he can and bragging about them. His favorite spell is "Legillimens", which he has used to devastating effects on his enemies by torturing them to the point of insanity... and in some cases beyond that.

His most danger weapon however are his words and manipulation. His infamous silvertongue has been able to turn friends into enemies and foes to his cause. Once he even bragged that he'd be able to talk the Devil out ofhis pitch   fork... and there are few who would argue against this.

He usually has a trademark grin on his face, which usually unnerves friend and foe alike. Crouch is well aware of the effect he has on people and makes the most of it, be it threatening an enemy or getting some his coworkers on his side.

Having grown up in a less than normal family setting, he remains woefully ignorant of some social rituals that others take for granted. For example, until recently he's never decorated a christmas tree or even understood the meaning of miseltoe. As well, he's never been in a pillow fight (or at least one that he can remember). He often questions the logic or function of most recreational activities.

Despite his cruel tendencies and sadistic pleasure, he seems to resent rudeness and often calls people out on it, despite never showing much or any courtesy or respect to anyone, outside of the few people who earn his respect. He also has a perverse code of conduct, for example he always inteoduces himself before he attacks someone (he considers it more polite) and he tries to not kill anyone he's only met once for the same reason. After the second meeting though, he considers it fair game...

However it seems Crouch has a sense of some honor as he will guard someone who has earned his respect or has saved his life in the past. The most prominent example of this is Liria. After she saved his life, he has been making frequent efforts to keep numerous DE away from her.

While he is usually portrays himself as a proper, happy gentlemen, in truth he is bitter and vengeful. He hates close to everything around him with the exceptions of his fellow DE, but has shown to be even willing to harm them if they get in his way or aren't following voldemorts orders.

Perhaps the strangest thing about Crouch is he genuinely believes that what He's is doing is better for the world. He believes that the world is filled with nothing but lies and betrayal and that there are only those who betray and those who take revenge. He believes his master can break this "cycle," and show the world the truth.

He has a very strong animosity for Wolf and by extension his friends. He hates Wolf because he considers him a rival in power and intelligence. Dumbledore once told him that he and Wolf were very similar in many regards, a fact that Crouch feverishly denies.

Despite all his hatred and rage, Crouch is capable of caring for a select few. This group of people he cares for is limited to only Amy Dolohov, his fiance, and the Duck Lord himself. To both of these people, Crouch is extremely devoted to them to the point where he'd lay down his life to protect/serve them.

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PostSubject: Known Apprentices:   Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:10 am

Since his first day at Hogwarts, Crouch has made numerous attempts to take on students as his apprentices. It's unknown how many he's trained before Hogwarts but here are his Known apprentices, their stories and their outcomes:

Ice Firebolt- Was approached by Crouch offering to leave Wolf alone if she trained with him. She agreed and trained with him. She was forced to call him "Professor Crouch" and had to destroy targets that bared Wolf's likeness. While Ice was forced to obey out of her love for Wolf, Crouch's overconfidence in Ice's progress gave Ice the opportunity to defy him and Crouch tortured Ice's mind with legillimens to both send a message to Wolf and to escape...

Cynder Dustypaws- Once more Crouch used love to his advantage... but this time not protection but earning love instead. He was much more subtle, at first offering her love potions and then proposed that she learn the Dark Arts to earn Snape's respect. She agreed and Crouch find her to be quite a promising pupil. She believed virtually every lie he fed her and was quite powerful, even enough to force Crouch out of her mind. However, when she learned just how she was being used thanks to Wolf and friends, she revolted against Crouch and left his service for good.

Fox: (Willlow at the time): This apprentice hood was one of the few that didn't end in violence. Thanks to Crouch's lies, Fox believed Crouch and her to be friends. So Crouch trained her in the Dark Arts to "refresh her memory," all the while feeding her false memories. However when her mind was fully restored the apprentice hood ended...

Ebonique Midnight Nott: Another brief student. Crouch (deceptively) told her he'd leave Fox alone if she trained with him. Little did she know, Fox was already being trained by Crouch. Ebony proved to be one of Crouch's most difficult students, readily defying him and insulting him. After Fox was out of his hands, there was no way to continue his training of Ebony.

Merope Lestrange: One of Crouch's current apprentices. She seems to have a lot of potential and this is one of the few apprentices Crouch hasn't had to lie to. Crouch trained her a bit before she received her Dark Mark and after she got it became quite loyal to Crouch. Her skills are quite impressive as well and it seems she's taken on some of her teacher's traits, most notably his grin...

Jez Nott: One of Crouch's current apprentices. Unlike many of Crouch's apprentices, she actually went to him. Her devotion and power really stood out in Crouch's eyes. She maintained a respectful attitude to her teacher, willing to take in any advice he offered and eagerly learning from him. Her powers are quite impressive, so much so that Crouch actually had to TRY and break an Imperio from her. So confident in her power that after just a few training sessions, Crouch actually entrusted her to bodyguard Amy!

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PostSubject: Weaknesses   Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:10 am

Despite being extremely powerful with magic, Crouch is not without weaknesses.

  • Prodigium lassitudine: A condition found with child who's magic develops unnaturally early. While they have vast reserves of powerful magic they must also constantly have a steady supply of their magic.

    While most wizard, if they exhausted all their magic was capable of, would just tire and have to wait a bit, the effects of Prodigium lassitudine make this more dangerous. The effects of exhausting their energy can be fetal.

  • Fire: As with all vampires, Crouch has a weakness to fire, despite this being dulled by his werewolf blood.

  • Scents: While Crouch's nose is excellent for tracking, it does suffer from the flaw of being so strong it increases the smells tenfold. So the smell of something foul would be much worse to him.

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PostSubject: Re: Crouch Junior   

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Crouch Junior
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