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 Jenna Black

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PostSubject: Jenna Black   Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:46 pm

Age: 17

Gender: Female

House: Gryffindor


Personality: Jenna is a naturally calm person with a secret inner rage that's almost always ready to burst on anything that reminds her of her of the grim death of her parents (which is a lot, including the Slytherin house). She's usually somewhat anti-social and will at first question why people would come and talk to her, but after a while, she grows close to people even if she doesn't entirely show it. Jenna is brash, courageous and extremely persistant, and while she's steadfast and pretty loyal to those she's close too, she sometimes will cheat if it means accomplishing the right (or in some case just) thing. She has symmytry fetish and will sometimes critique on things she finds unacceptable in terms of symmetry. She normally dislike's the dark arts and hates the fact that her mom was a practicer of such magic. It's hard to get her to smile or even to have fun but good friends who can see past her cold exterior can notice her warmer side (curtosey of her non-magical father)

Appearence: Jenna is 5 foot 8 with fairly pale skin and deep amethyst eyes. She has shory layered black hair with white tips (curtosey of her powerful light charm that is able to kill death eaters) and part of her hair flairs out in the back.
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Jenna Black
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