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 Nicole Brown

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PostSubject: Nicole Brown   Wed Jul 25, 2012 5:38 pm

Nicole is a pureblood second year. She spent most of her first year reading books, trying to build up her power. Much of the knowledge she has would rival a third or fourth years'. She hasn't decided what side to be on (good or bad, that is).
If she likes somebody, she tells them, if she doesn't, she tells them. Basically she just states the facts and doesn't keep secrets - she thinks they can be used against her.
Her favourite subject is Defence Against the Dark Arts, by far. Whatever side she chooses it will help her.
With a brother and parents who joined the bad side, it seems she is more inclined to join you-know-who, but she's not sure.
She is 13, nearly 14, but she was held back a year by her parents so she is a year older than all her class mates.
Physical description: 5"4' with a reasonably sturdy build. Her hair is short and jet black. Dull blue eyes and a pale skin colour.
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Nicole Brown
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