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 Sarah Nuel

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PostSubject: Sarah Nuel   Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:23 am

Sarah is the daugther of Jack and Sally Nuel, and the younger sister of Samantha Nuel.

Sarah has light brown hair going just past her shoulders, and light brown eyes. She's 14 years old. Her average outfit is anything she feels like wearing. xD

When Sarah was 4, she saw her big sister Sam (age 6) run out the front door looking terrified. Sarah loved Sam so much that she chased after her. She saw that car hit Sam and eventually got lost in a crowd of people, and got lost. Sarah grew up on the streets. Being the cute little girl she was, she got a lot of people to give her food, and stole clothes when she started growing out of her old ones. She managed to take care of herself, and then she got her letter to Hogwarts.

Sarah is VERY confident. Maybe even arrogant sometimes. She doesn't like to be messed with and controlled, and will show courage and confidence with any challenge, even if it's WAY out of her league (like facing Crouch Jr, lol). She's nice to you if you're nice to her, and she's VERY protective of those she cares about. Sarah was born with the ability to heal any wound, just like her mother.

Sarah is in the Gryffindor house! Very Happy
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Sarah Nuel
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