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 Goblet Dream

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Goblet Dream


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PostSubject: Goblet Dream   Tue Jul 24, 2012 9:52 pm

Goblet is a fifth year Ravenclaw. She is very friendly to most people. If her friends are in danger or have been put in pain she struggles to not make rash decisions and attack the attacker - in that light she isn't as rational as her housemates.

As a half blood she discriminates neither purebloods or muggle borns. Her Dad is a wizard, her Mum is a muggle. One time when she was younger she walked in to find her Mum half dead, a death eater disapparating from her living room. As she would later find out it was a warning to her Dad who had been overheard speaking negatively about you-know-who.

She has one sister - Casey - who was a Gryffindor and left Hogwarts after her fifth year, possibly intending to return after a year or so to finish her education.

Goblet's favourite subject is charms and her least favourite is divination because she doesn't believe in that rubbish.

Physical description: Goblet is about 5"3' with blonde hair that reaches past her shoulders. She has quite a slight build, making her seem even smaller. Her eyes are greyish and they tend to darken a little when angry.
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Goblet Dream
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