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July 2018

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 Dee Mungo-Devolla Black

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PostSubject: Dee Mungo-Devolla Black   Tue Nov 22, 2011 11:53 pm

CatPixie203- Slytherin

I am Dee my proper name that i was officially named was Deevola Black. Although i now go by Dee Mungo. I Live in St Mungos Hospital due to being abandoned as a child by my parents. I have since learnt my offical story from nurses at the hospital where i now live. I was born to a Prue blood witch and wizrad the wizard i am sure you will all know, he was in with the Death eaters, and feeling he got in too deep, set out to distroy them and the dark lord. You will also know him as traitor! My mother on the other hand you may not be as familiar with and i have told never to tell for fear of my life. I can tell you this, my mother is in the inner circle and due to her comitments in said circle i was seen as a huge inconvience. So with no mother or father to look after me i was abandoned and adopted to live with muggles. Up until i was 6 everything was fine, then my magic showed through and yet again i was abandoned and i say abandoned my supersticious muggle adopted parents tried to kill me! this has resulted in the splitting of my personalities. After this event was intercepted by a witch in the neighbour hood i have been in St Mungo's hospital ever since. here they are my parents, friends and teachers, they have looked after me and gave me a identity (Dee Mungo was born) most of this story only now exsits in the minds of others as i now have no memory of this happening only what i have been told. My main personality is Dee the Dee you will speak too usually on a daily basis on darker days i have at least two personalities that exhibit dark qualities one called Deevola can be rather vicious and are longing to be with my mother in the inner circle, if she is still alive that is... i have no idea... but as of yet Dee is on the fence not picking sides and getting on with not being killed....

For Now....
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Dee Mungo-Devolla Black
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