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 The Gaunt Siblings

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PostSubject: The Gaunt Siblings   Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:41 pm

The Family History
There were 5 children in the family, Emily, Sophie, Tomas, Krystal and Danial. for the first 7 years, they were kept a secret from the outside world, no one knew they existed, untill Danail managed to get help. The Seth family arrived as their parents were torturing Krystal, and saved the twins. Tomas and Sophie hid in terror, realising afterwards that Danial actually did not care for them , and had left them on perpose.
Soon after, Sophie broke her arm, and the parents deemed her useless, basically selling her off as a Squib to be used as a servent. That night, due to Tomas's anger, his magic esaped, and his parents dissapeared.
when Danial died, Krystal desided to look for her siblings, and found only Tomas.

Krystal Seth Gaunt
Age- 19
House- Ravenclaw
SHe is tall, with long black hair, and peicing blue eyes. she is quite pale. and always wears black, making her look even paler. She is not pretty, exactly, but have a very striking face, making her look beautiful.

She is very smart, knowing what to say to different people. She never says much about past, but it is always there. When she is thinking, her hair will be either tied up in a ponytail, or a tight bun.
She is mysterious- she worked out that this trait can keep people talking to her, so she uses it to her advantage.

Tomas Gaunt
age- 16
House- Hasnt been Sorted yet.

He has short black hair, but in certain lights, it can look dark blue, with light blue eyes.

He cares about family, his siblings come first, then other people that he cares about. Even though he is not a DE, because he counts Voldemort as family, he is a DE suporter.
He can be dangerous- if someone threatens him or people he loves, but is mostly one of the most gentle people around. he would never use anyone on perpose.
he (for some reason unknown) Loves Amaya, and from the minute he came to the school, was trying to understand her, and to get her to care for him as well.

Sophie Gaunt
History- After she left the Gaunt house hold, she was sent to Death Eater. The minute they saw her, they realised who she was, and took her to Voldemort. There, she lived with him and other Death Eaters, and got her dark mark when she was 10.

Looks- she has every dark eyes, and black/brown short hair. She resembles Voldemort a lot; she is tall, with black hair, and very dark eyes.

Personality- She is very independent for a 15 year old. She looks up to Voldemort, and would do whatever he asks of her. She has been trained in the dark arts, and is ruthless when duelling, but she also has the very ‘girly’ side of her that she puts up when first meeting people.
However, the one trait that all her siblings all have is one that she didn’t get. She cannot talk to snakes, and this is something else that makes her hate her siblings more.

Relationship with Voldemort- He doesnt love her, but a part of him cares enough that she was raised 'right', knowing who she was and making sure she wasnt hurt too much. She is quite relaxed around him, and away from other Death Eaters, she calls him 'cousin'.
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The Gaunt Siblings
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