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June 2018

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 Goblet's Absence.

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Goblet Dream


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PostSubject: Goblet's Absence.    Mon Jun 25, 2012 6:18 pm

Goblet was asleep. It was the night before they were due to return to Hogwarts from the holidays and she couldn't wait, it seemed like ages since she had been in the castle. It wasn't particularly safe anymore but still, her friends were there and she missed them. In her sleep she tossed and turned dreaming of Hogwarts and its many hidden passageways. In her dream Peeves appeared with a wicked grin on his face, oh look a student! Do you need spare ink?. And with that he threw a pot of ink which made a startlingly loud clunk as it hit the ground.

With a jolt, Goblet awoke. That wasn't Peeves. She wasn't even at Hogwarts. Somebody was rushing up the stairs not seeming to care if they woke anybody which made Goblet reach the conclusion that it wasn't an intruder. She still got a fright when they burst into her room.
'Gobs! Gobs wake up! Pack some stuff! Quickly!' That was her sister's voice. What was she doing in such a panic? No time to think about that, she was being dragged out of bed and the light was switched on. She looked at her sister's terrified face and immediately knew something bad had happened.
'Sis? What's wrong? CASEY?!' Too late. Casey's ragged form had swept out of the room, presumably passing the same urgent message to their parents.

Still bleary eyed, Goblet stumbled to where she kept her school trunk and began throwing things in, barely even paying attention. Clothes. Books. Wand. Broom. The lid of her trunk clicked closed just as Casey burst back into the room, the same wild look in her eyes.
'Come on! They don't know where we are yet!' Goblet had never been more terrified. Who and why? Following her sister out into the hall, she saw her parents waiting there, trunks by their sides.
'Wha-' Goblet began to protest before being silenced by a look from her Dad who looked worried and furious. Her Mum, on the other hand, looked even more petrified than Casey. Goblet's Mum was only scared this much of one thing. Death Eaters. That was understandable after what had happened all those years ago. But why now?

Without another word Goblet stepped forward - her trunk dragging heavily behind her - and linked hands with her sister and Mum whilst her Dad enchanted the trunks to stay with us. Holding her breath she gripped the hands either side tighter and they disappeared just as the front door was blown open.

Over the next week or so Goblet tried everything to get out why the Death Eaters were looking for us. Particularly my sister. She even tried screaming, refusing to talk to her family, being helpful, but none of it worked. One morning she woke up in their little cottage that they were renting in a remote part of France and heard murmuring through the thin walls.
'Why would you tell them that you would join them?' That was her Dad. He was angry.
'I was scared okay? I was scared if I said no they would come looking for you!' Goblet could practically hear the gratitude her Mum was feeling, who then whispered something she could barely hear. Maybe a quiet thank you? Then her Dad's voice cut in again.
'But then you didn't go through with it, possibly leaving us for the worse!' He sounds worried and angry. There is silence. Her Mum speaks again, more confidently this time,
'Well, we will just have to stay here then. For how long I have no idea... But they won't find us here.'

Goblet's head sank back into the pillow, her eyes wide. Her sister, Casey, had said she would join them. Then she backed out, presumably, so they were searching. For her. For all of them.
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PostSubject: Re: Goblet's Absence.    Mon Jun 25, 2012 6:23 pm

Amazing, gobs <3
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Goblet's Absence.
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