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 Isabella "Ice" Rookwood

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PostSubject: Isabella "Ice" Rookwood   Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:11 pm

Ice Rookwood - 6th year Slytherin

Ice is from an old pureblood family. Her father is a Rookwood, her mother is a Selwyn. She also has two older brothers. While her immediate family (her brothers and parents) and Ice herself are not pureblood supremacists, the rest of her family are mostly Death Eater supporters and a few are even DE themselves.
Her grandfather, Augustus Rookwood Senior (who happens to be the uncle of the Death Eater Augustus Rookwood from the books, but who is not a DE himself) has taken a special interest in trying to re-educate his granddaughter, even occasionally using his influence at the Ministry to blackmail her parents (who also both work at the Ministry and would rather not lose their jobs) into letting him have greater influence over her.

Personality and other random tidbits:
Ice has friends in all houses and is generally friendly to most people, regardless of house or blood status (to the point of annoying some people * cough * Vine * cough *). She cannot stand the views of the Death Eaters and is usually a bit too outspoken about that fact, which has made her quite a few enemies among the masked lot.
Despite all that, she is also not very keen on Dumbledore, the Order of the Phoenix or even the Aurors. Actually, she would rather keep herself and her loved ones out of the war completely but neither side will let her.
Ever since her early childhood when she performed her first bit of accidental magic, stripping the skin of her hated governess’s face, Ice has been fascinated by the Dark Arts. Unfortunately, her morals keep her from really developing her potential because she is not prepared to attack just anyone. She often uses the holidays to sneak off to Knockturn Alley and participate in illegal duels there because this is the only place she can test out some of her self-invented or newly learned curses on “willing” victims. Her favourite self-invented curse is the Boggart curse which gives the victim the illusion of being surrounded by his worst fear (and YES, I did come up with that concept independently from Wolf and Fox and probably before them … apparently, great minds think alike.)
Ice is absolutely terrified of the Death Eaters because she knows she doesn’t stand a chance against them but her fear is also mixed with quite a bit of admiration for their skills in the Dark Arts which she would love to have.
Although Ice doesn’t discriminate on the basis of blood status, she is not free from prejudice: She thinks all werewolves are actually like Greyback and those who are not only hide their true vicious nature. She is friendly with Phoenix (who is a werewolf) but sees her as an exception to the rule and is still not completely comfortable around her.
Ice’s favourite subjects at Hogwarts are DADA and Muggle Studies (yes, Muggle Studies, go ahead, laugh!). She has taken Ancient Runes as an elective and also enjoys most other subjects with the exception of Potions. Ice is in a constant battle with McGonagall who has now caught her with banned Dark Arts literature several times and does not trust her at all.

More or less note-worthy roleplay developments:
- Ice rejected Vine Lestrange (a marriage had been arranged but this is now completely off the table)
- Ice is engaged to Wolf Midnight (and will occasionally get obnoxiously lovey-dovey with him which has approximately the effect of Puking Pastilles on all those who witness it)
- Ice used to play Chaser for the Slytherin team but was kicked off by Dark Heart, the team captain, for political reasons (namely being a blood traitor)
- Ice is on Crouch junior’s hit list (though I don’t think he wants to kill her. He enjoys torturing her too much)
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Isabella "Ice" Rookwood
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