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 William Wellington

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PostSubject: William Wellington   Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:15 pm

Age: 17
Death Eater
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Light blue


William was born in a big Manor in Derbyshire, in a family of Death Eaters. Since his early childhood, he was absolutely in love with Dark Arts, and his biggest wish was to become a Death Eater himself. His both parents were Death Eaters, and they taught their son about torture and murder since his first days. But when he turned five, his parents were attacked by Aurors and killed in that fight.
Igor Karkaroff, who was a good friend of his parents, has let him come to Durmstrang and live there since his fifth year. When he turned eleven, he became a regular student in that school. There, he improved his knowledge in Dark Arts. He became an accomplished Legilimens and he made a big number of his own Dark spells, but his favorite parts of magic were Cruciatus and Imperuis curse. He also started exploring the horcruxes. In a short time he became the most powerful wizard at Durmstrang.
When he was 14, he finally joined the Death Eaters. Some of the people in Durmstrang that didn’t support Dark Lord tried to stop him, but he killed them with no mercy. He used them to make his three horcruxes.
In his fifth year of Durmstrang, he fell in love with one girl named Amalia, who was from a big Death Eater family. He absolutely trusted her, but all she actually wanted was to kill him, because secretly she was with Aurors. Her brother was helping her plan, and in a short time she found out about William’s horcruxes. After he killed her best friend Dmitry, in his sixth year, she told all of his secrets and murders to the Durmstrang Headmaster, and he was expelled and transferred to Hogwarts. His friend Sebastian found out about Amalia’s and her brother’s plan, and since then William is trying to kill both of them.


William was always very strange and very mysterious. He always loved blood and massacre, and torturing and causing pain to other was his favorite hobby since his first days. He has no mercy and he never felt guilt, but there are still few people that he actually cares about.
Most of the time, William keeps his thought for himself, and it is very hard to read him, which gives him advantage in many things. He almost never smiles honestly, and he is cold all the time. Also, when he decides to do something, nothing could stop him.


William is very tall and very dark-looking. He is absolutely gorgeous and perfectly handsome, and that is why he is quite a player. He has a dark brown hair, and light blue eyes, which are very hypnotizing and cold. Also, William has a very strange habit of wearing only black clothes.
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William Wellington
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