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 River Seth

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PostSubject: River Seth   Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:40 pm

Age- 17
Blood Status- pure blood.

River was part of the Crouch family, raised by fear and hate by her father. She was a small child, quiet, not powerful. He parents had kept her and her brother seperated untill they were a few years old, when they met out side, and River was making a fort.
Crouch was protective of River- never letting their father touch a hair on her head, taking all punnishment for her. In return, she helped him up every time, looked after him too. They loved and cared for each other.
At the age of 7, her father wiped her memory and sent her away, making her think she was a Half blood, a 'Seth.' He said she was a squib, and did not want her tarnishing the name, and the things he wanted in the ministry. The Seths looked after her well, honestly loving her, and hating her father for doing what he did.
But then she killed them. It was an accident on her part- she was forsed by another, the one her brother now follows.
She lived at hogwarts all year round, untill the day she upset crouch, and he cast a spell, waking up the lost memories in both of them.
From that moment on, she had her brother back. It was hard for her, as they were on oposite sides, but she never wanted to loose him.

They found out that Rivers magic had not appeared because their father and uncle had stolen it from her, to make them more powerful, and so that her father had a reason to get rid of her.
River realised she had a bigger family than she realised when the other Seth children turned up- Danial and Krystal. However, only one cared about her, the other dying. Krystal looked after River at the school as well, treating her like a real sister- although she, also, was a Death eater.

Slowly, River has become used to the DE around her, knowing that for most of them, there are many reasons for being what they are. She doesnt blame them, but more pities them, hoping one day all of them will change- although deep down, she knows some, like her brother, never will.

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River Seth
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