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 Iris Amnell

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PostSubject: Iris Amnell   Thu Mar 15, 2012 4:33 am

Iris is a sixth year Slytherin girl. She comes from an English family who lived in France for a few years, enrolling her at Beauxbatons Academy. She is an only child.

Iris was expelled from Beauxbatons a month ago and nearly disowned by her father. He agreed to give her one more chance and they moved to England where she was enrolled in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She spent a week loitering in the streets of London and learning new things at Mungo's before finally giving in and going to school. Her parents didn't know she wasn't at school.

Her father works for the Ministry and her mother writes Encyclopedia's to do with Herbology. Iris' dream is to be a Healer if she doesn't become a famous musician.

She is devoted to music and spends her life walking around with a guitar strapped to her back. This very guitar was given to her by a cloaked stranger down the alleys of Knockturn Alley. She visited the place when her Mother went out and specifically forbid her to go there.

As it so happens, this very guitar was not unlike the wizard hats from Fred and George's Joke Shop, the ones that repelled curses. The guitar repels Dark Magic and the Unforgivables. Along with destructive curses such as 'Reducto' and 'Incendio'.

With some simple spells she personalised the guitar to change it's skin at her mood.

Also, Iris is a metamorphmagus, but she prefers to stay with her stormy grey eyes, ivory skin, and pixie-cut hair which is usually a rich rainbow. Iris is independant and very blunt, she sees no point in sugar coating things and often overlooks other peoples emotions or reactions when talking to her. She believes that in a selfish world, the selfish succeed, so therefore sticks to that. At first, Iris gives the impression that she has an ego the size of Zeus himself, but if you really get to know her (which most either can't or won't) you'll find she's very unhappy with herself, that she wishesshe could have natural ebauty rather than what she forces on herself (metamorphmagus). She has a very short attention span and is very impatient. She doesn't form friendships very quickly, and if someone was to think her their friend, it would most likely take her twice as long to view that person in the same way. Some may have the illusion that Iris cares for them, but her compassion only goes so far.

At the moment she cares for only one person other than herself, and his name is Strike Morgenstern.
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Iris Amnell
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