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 Jay Hawkeye (Jay Hawkins)

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PostSubject: Jay Hawkeye (Jay Hawkins)   Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:01 pm

Name:Jacob Caleb Hawkins
Preferred name: Jay Hawkeye
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Looks: Bright green eyes, shoulder-length blonde hair. He's not built particularly strongly. He's more powerful in magic than in physical strength.
Blood status: Half-blood (Mother was a half-blood witch, father is a Muggle)
House: Slytherin
Personality: Jay is seen as the perfect student in the teacher's eyes. His work is always completed to a high standard and handed in on time, and he is always polite in class. They never see him as more than cheeky or charming.

However, when he is not around an authoritive figure, he changes. He keeps his charming attitude, but he becomes colder towards others. He considers himself "a wand for hire", and makes alliances, not friendships. Only over a long period of time or a situation in which he had to rely on or work closely with another will he consider them a friend. He does not choose to take part in either the Light or Dark side, but if offered the right price or deal he will work for them for a limited time. After that time is up, he will make a choice whether to continue working for them or not. Usually, he does not stay. Sometimes, he will have formed a bond with the person and will choose to stay in contact and help them if they need him.

When he's alone, Jay doesn't try to hide his emotions.

Past: His father doesn't really care for him. His mother died when he was around the age of ten - Jay doesn't quite remember, and his father tries not to - and from that point Jay's father has slowly lost the motivation to care for his only child. Since the age of around thirteen, Jay learned how to fend for himself.

He used to attend a smaller wizarding school, until his father decided one day that they would move. When Jay asked why, he only said "It holds too many bad memories". As soon as he arrived at Hogwarts, Jay decided to introduce himself as "Jay Hawkeye", as he didn't want to share his father's surname, Hawkins. In some lingering affection for his mother, he only changed the end.

He is now branded as a Death Eater.

Jay's mother is actually Gloria Hawthorne. She gave him away when he was born to her sister - Jay's aunt - because she couldn't have children. Jay grew up thinking his aunt was his birth mother.
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Jay Hawkeye (Jay Hawkins)
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