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 Crouch's Epilogue (Get comfortable)

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PostSubject: Crouch's Epilogue (Get comfortable)   Sat Feb 18, 2012 6:33 pm

Oh how the mighty have fallen... first me, then the Dark Lord. The first one to ever acknowledge me after my sister was gone... had been vanguished from the world. It's strange though... I'm not as devastated as I thought I would be.

Often at night, I get onto my wheelchair and roll out to the large window in the large mountainous home. The doctors that were loyal to the Dark Lord were never able to fix my spine, nor would it ever be repaired. I would never walk on my own two legs again. The most they could do is get it so I can move my arms a little, granted with much resistence. I could reach for things on my own, hug Amy and Alexis, and thanks to a little device I installed into the right arm of my wheelchair to snap my wand into my hand whenever I needed it, use magic. But even that had suffered a bit.

There was no noise here, no clamity, just the wind and other nature sounds. The war was over. Do I miss the racket of battle? On occasion, I won't lie. I had hoped to find some duelist in a local town who could quience my thirst for battle, but as it turns out... virtually no duelist wants to raise a wand against a crippled man, even if he struck first...

But still... aside from being useless, for the most part I have everything I need. I have Amy, Alexis, even River who comes to visit every now and again. She's about the only outsider who knows where we are. I still can't believe Amy's strength. Even after bearing Alexis, she was still able to get the both Alexis and me away from the aurors who swarmed virtually every corner of the globe to arrest my old brethern. Well every corner except this one it seems.

When I really think back to it, all of THIS started on the day I discovered my magic. River and I were kept apart in the house during those days, never introduced to each other. I was alone all the time. Dad was busy at work and mother just never spoke to me. So I stayed in my room a lot. One day I was very bored and noticed a chess piece, a pawn to be exact, flying of it's own accord. I was fascinated by this. Anywhere I turned my head, the pawn would move. Eventually I tried something new... in my thoughts I directed the piece back to the board. and it complied! So... I guess my magic had developed. I didn't know it then, but my magic had actually developed years ahead of the normal rate of magical development. I tried more advanced applications with my new abilities. I proceeded to move two piece at the same time, then I played a game of chess without physically moving any of the pieces. Next I started rearranging furniture. I moved my dresser across the room, and then my bed until eventually I was able to control every object in the room at the same time.

Now that I had a level of control, it was time to start fine tuning it. I decided what better way to do this than with a game? After all, a game started this, so it was only fitting to continue the theme. I brought up an old dartboard from the basement. I was going to control the darts in midflight as I attempted to get them to the bulls eye. This was no easy feat for me back then. It took me several tries but eventually I was able to get the hang of it. I decided to throw one more when my father burst in on my unexpectedly. He surprised me so this threw off my aim. It accidently lodged itself into a picture frame, piercing it all the way through. In this picture was my father shaking hands with the Minister of Magic. The dart was right through the Ministers head...

My father looked at the picture and was furious! Demanding to know why I had such hatred for the Ministry! I profusely explained that I didn't, that I was just practicing magic. He screamed that I was too young to have magic and that I must have thrown it right at him! He raised his hand and slapped me hard across the face, cursing his son who hated the Ministry. No matter how often I tried to explain, it would be the same thing. Time and time again...

That's when the beatings got worse and worse... my sister never got any of them, namely because in the rare cases where she did do something "wrong" I would take the beating for her and father would be more than happy to oblige. However after each beating, River would be there to pick me back up again, figuratiely and sometimes literally, and help me in any way she could. But since she had no magic, the help was seldom much more than emotional comfort, but I needed it nonetheless.

And then... THAT day. The day my father seperated us... he gathered us all together and wiped River's memory right in front of me. The emptiness that filled every corner of my body was beyond description... I had lost everything. Everything that made me happy, was gone. River didn't know who I was anymore. All her memories of us together in the tree house, of playing in our room, of flying brooms... all gone...

I... couldn't help it... I smiled at my father with a smile that I had never given anyone before and uttered the words that would forever set me on my path...

"I hate you."

Hatred. I know this emotion quite well. It's guided my actions, shaped my resolve, gave me focus, and gave me a goal. The next few years in Hogwarts were absymal. I had no one to support me. I was bullied, called a freak for my abnormally strong magic, and called Lonely Barty all the time. But no one would ever stand up to kids with powerful fathers...

Not even me, until that one day...

I was fed up. We were in a corridor, isolated and alone. They were picking on me, it was the five time that day and that was five times too many... that grin that I showed my father reappeared on my face like an old friend and I pulled out my wand and with a few very weak spells, I had knocked them all over the corridor. I looked at what I had done in horror... but then I smiled again. They DESERVED this. They wouldn't have stopped, but now I made them scared of me. I watched them look up at me in terror... it was such a beautiful look. I felt this sense of fulfillment, a comfort most wicked... what was this feeling? Whatever it was, I wanted to feel it more often. Of course now I understand what this feeling is...


My life felt like it was worth something. Striking fear into their hearts became my past time. But of course, this all didn't go without notice. My father learned of my actions. He brought me down into the basement, cast muffliato around the room.

"You're just a bad influence. You would DARE lay your hands on a fellow child of the Ministry! The ultimate force of justice! You're a freak, Barty..."

His words stabbed me over and over until it felt like my soul was but a corpse. My father then pointed his wand at me and calmly said, "Crucio."

The pain! Pain was all I had felt! Why was it always ME taking the pain? No one else. Just me. The rest of the world goes on... ignoring the ones in pain....

I left. I couldn't stand it anymore! I left the house, and run. I'm not quite sure how long I ran for but eventually I collapsed unconscious. The rain kept falling and the puddles were getting steadily larger. I would die soon. Whatever. It's not like anyone would miss me.

Eventually the Dark Lord himself found me and offered me a family and power. I eagerly accepted and thus my reign of terror began.

The next few years were spent locked in endless battle for gain, revenge, and attrition of Minsitry Rats. Oh I spared no one. I was a natural diaster in my own right. All that power that people used to ostrosize me for was now my greatest weapon. Nothing was more rewarding than seeing the look of fear in their eyes... the pleading for their lives... and then the ultimate pleasure when I deny them. Through the Dark Lord's will I accomplished many missions, met the love of my life, was reunited with my sister and even made friends and a name for myself. People won't ever remember Barty... but the name Crouch was burnt into EVERYONE'S minds... I branded it in their minds myself.

I did it all with a smile on my face.

And now here I was... a crippled man with a sister, wife and child. The funniest part of all of this... after the Dark Lord was vanguished, a memory resurfaced in my mind. Just a little time before the Dark Lord supposedly found me, he appeared before me. He said he had seen me using my magic and that I was unnaturally strong. He offered me the chance to join him. But I refused him. Something just told me that I shouldn't trust this man. He then raised his wand at me and my hunger and thrist increased dramatically until I fell to my knees. When I looked up at him again he pointed his wand at my face and said "Oblivate!"

To this day I can't help but laugh... all my life I had fought for a world without lies and betrayal... but that's all my life has been. Both sides had betrayed me, but at least in the darkness, I had friends, power, family, and love. My daughter will be taught how to detect deception, how to fight for what's hers, how to get what she wants because SHE wants it. All the power Amy and I held in our prime, she will hold at a young age. My father was the Ministry's pawn. I was the Dark Lord's pawn. She won't be anyone's pawn.

Years later...

"Dad, why are you up?" Alexis, age 7 at the time, came close to me, during one of the nights I would look out the window. She looked exactly like Amy, except for her brown hair. I was so thankful for her inheriting more of her mothers traits than mine.

"Oh I was... just reminiscing. Why are you up, sweetie?" I ask gently.

"Well... I was just wondering. How did your legs stop working? Mom never wants to tell me about it..."

I laugh a little, "It's a long story... but I suppose I can tell you it..."

Alexis climbs up onto my wheelchair and sits on my lap, watching me with great interest.

I begin my story, "A long time ago, I fought against this dragon called Ministry..."

Amazing, even I didn't know I had it in me to turn the story of my last battle into some valent tale out of The Tales of Beetle the Bard. Maybe one day I will tell the whole story, but not today.

By the end of the story she looked at me and asked me, "Is this dragon still around?"

"I'm pretty sure it is..."

She looks at me with a smile that's a ghost of what mine is... "I'll slay that dragon for you, dad. So you and mom will never have to be sad again..."

"You would have to be VERY strong if you want to do that..."

She smiles at me again, "But dad, I AM strong... watch this."

All the furniture in the room flies into the air and cycles around the room. She even lifted me in my chair up and managed to keep me in my chair! Her magic had developed years before even mine did! She was incredible! And the degree of control she had far surpasses mine even when I was practicing with the darts back then!

"Sweetie... you're incredible! A prodigy just like your mother and I! I'm so proud of you!"

She smiles at me, "Thanks dad, I love you!"

I'm so happy... I'm a good father. Amy was right... I was nothing like my father. I was finally free of my past...

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Crouch's Epilogue (Get comfortable)
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