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 The Final Battle - Nagini, Ice and Crouch

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PostSubject: The Final Battle - Nagini, Ice and Crouch   Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:38 pm

I tried to record the whole battle, but had to give up after only a few minutes. As my records are now very shoddy, I will only post my own ending with Nagini and Crouch (some comments are missing from that, too, because I was busy fighting Umbridge part of the time. I hope other people can contribute their own records).

Crouch jr "-I catch Ice's scent... she need to die more than any of them... I can't wait... I sprint after her scent-"

Nagini "-she is driven back by Flitwick towards the entrance doors, tripping over rubble- -nagini"

IceFirebolt157 "- sees Flitwick battle a D E near the entrance doors, her escape blocked. Turns around and is hit by a stray tripping jinx - "

Nagini "-notices Ice, her heart stops and she makes an effort not to be recognised- -nagini"

IceFirebolt157 "- picks herself up from the ground and finds herself face to face with a Death Eater - o o c: Nagini! Your turn!"

Nagini "-freezes a moment, torn between loyalty and friendship. Hesitates- -nagini "

Crouch jr "-I find Ice, widest Crazy Grin- ICE!! YOUR PARENTS WORK FOR THE MINISTRY! TIME TO DIE!"

IceFirebolt157 "o o c: Only recording my stuff as of now. i c: - hears Crouch's voice and sends a slicing curse at the source in a panic"

Nagini "-too focused on her memorys of Ice, the curse hits her. Searing pain shoots across her chest- -nagini"

IceFirebolt157 "- sees her curse has hit the female D E instead of Crouch. Doesn't recognise Nagini just yet –

"Crouch jr "-Crazy grin- There you Ministry brats go again... hurting my friends to protect your worthless existence... let's play Ice..."

Nagini "-she crumples to her knees, wand falling from her hands. She puts her hand to her chest and sees scarlet- -nagini"

Nagini "-her breath comes in short gasps, the room spins, noises echo- -nagini"

- here a comment of mine is missing saying approximately: Ice sees the female Death Eater's mask fall off. NAGINI?

Nagini "-hears a voice but cannot turn from the blood. Her blood. Over the stone- -nagini"

IceFirebolt157 "- drops to her knees beside Nagini, memorys of their childhood making her head spin, tears clouding her view –

"Nagini "-recognises the face of the figure that looms over her- Ice... please... don't let them take me to Azkaban... please... -nagini"

IceFirebolt157 "I won't, Nagini, I won't - traces her wand over her wounds, they slowly start closing - Hold on, please, don't go."

Crouch jr "-Furious, I point my wand at Ice and cast a Crucio at her with all my hatred-

"Nagini "-manages a weak smile- Ice... do not worry... I cannot feel it any more. The pain.... -nagini"

IceFirebolt157 "Ice hears Crouch shout CRUCIO. By instinct, she rolls away, and the curse hits Nagini."

Nagini "-the curse hits, intense pain spreading through her body, she screams, seeing only the red of her own blood- -nagini"

IceFirebolt157 "- Ice hears a shriek, it almost sounds non-human. - NO! o o c: Our battle and the Puff choir, oh well, co-exist."

Crouch jr "-I stop the curse upon it hitting Nagini, I glare at Ice- As cowardly as the rest of them I see... "

(a bit more incoherent babbling from me blaming Crouch for everything, remembering my mind torture, Wolf, etc.)
IceFirebolt157 "- sees red, more hatred than she has ever felt and aims her wand at Crouch - CRUCIO! o o c: You can dodge this if you want, Crouch"

Nagini "-slumps back onto the cold stone, darkness closing in- Ice... -nagini""

Crouch: -c- my entire arm turns into the red wood that makes up my arm- TIME TO SHOW THE PERFECTED VERSION OF MY WAND HAND!"

IceFirebolt157"o o c: Nagini, don't die on me lol. i c: Hears Nagini's weak voice behind her as Crouch turns his arm into a wand"

Nagini "-tries to focus on Crouch and Ice, the pain in her heart much more than the physical pain- Somebody... help me... -nagini"

IceFirebolt157 "Nagini's voice in her ears, Wolf's voice in her mind mix. She can't let Crouch get away with this. For once, she has to fight back ..."

Nagini "-barely able to focus, she sees Vine's mother and hears her words- I know... -coughs- I have failed.... -nagini"
(Molly was playing Vine's mother here, talking to Nagini)

IceFirebolt157 "- raises her wand, focuses all her energy, her mind on all that her loved ones have gone through, she has gone through, because of Crouch -"

IceFirebolt157 "- casts the strongest bone breaking curse she knows at Crouch -"

Nagini "-the noises of the battle so loud, so painful- Vine... -the painful memory hits her- Vine is... dead.... -nagini"
(Vine, the restless ghost said a few heart-wrenching things here which he has hopefully recorded)

Crouch jr "An owl drops a letter to me, says -Amy is fine... and so is Ale x is, Congratulations- I am shocked and forget about Ice... turning my back"

IceFirebolt157 "o o c: Oh, Crouch, now I have a guilty conscience! i c: - the curse hits Crouch's spine, Ice can hear a CRACK, as her own senses begin ..."

Crouch jr "-In my shock that I am now a father... I forget about the battle, and a curse hits me from behind, like a train!" "

IceFirebolt157- continued - to shut down from exhaustion. She stumbles backwards and falls down right next to Nagini, half dead but awake enough to feel.."

Nagini -unable to keep consciousness, her eyes begin to close, she whispers- I was loyal... always loyal... to the end.... -nagini"

Nagini "-senses someone beside her, a familiar presence, feels comforted, she is not alone- -nagini"

Nagini "-whispers- Vine... I am so sorry. In the end... I failed everyone... everyone... -nagini"

IceFirebolt157 "- hears Nagini breathing next to her –

"Crouch jr "-I look up at them... weakly, trying to control my face- Sister of the Mark... please...
(Here's a bit missing of Dark trying to help Crouch)

"IceFirebolt157 "- no longer really knows what is going on, but just before her senses leave her, she mumbles ... it will be okay ..."

Nagini "-pretends a moment that she is just lying there with Ice, like in the early days, watching the ceiling of the Hall- -nagini"

Nagini "O o c: Nagini survives. But due to her mental and physical wounds, never leaves Mungos. She ends up there and not Azkaban due to Ice. -n"

IceFirebolt157 "o o c: Ice survives, but never forgives herself for causing Nagini's fate and never forgets the horrors she has seen."

IceFirebolt157 "o o c: To make amends Ice tries to clear Nagini's name after the war by lying about her true allegiance. She visits her every week a Mungo's"

IceFirebolt157 "o o c: Ice never finds out what happened to Wolf. He remains missing, presumed dead."

Nagini "O o c: Due to both Dee and Ice, Nagini's life was bearable. She never needed to forgive Ice. There was nothing to forgive. -n "
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The Final Battle - Nagini, Ice and Crouch
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