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 Fond Memories (OOC)

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PostSubject: Fond Memories (OOC)   Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:25 pm

■Vine "Hogsmeade, Jack, Rosier's dinner party, the forbidden forest, acromantulas, Fox...Rune. Squib village, R o R battles, Ice, Wolf...D H curse."
■Vine "Memory charms...Azkaban...Apparition tests, potion classes, muggle hunts..."
■Vine "Wolf's weird inventions, Greyback, Gellert, Crouch and River, Amy and Crouch, mudblood Herm i a, betrayal. "
■Vine "Detentions we got but never did...Dumbledore's heavy bias on Gryffindors, Snape's help on countless sectumsempra "
■Vine "Crouch's christmas questions, rat seamus, Thorn and Rose's amazing adventures, my imaginative fan girls"
■Phoenix "Forgetting my Potion and k fake Vine, then Azkaban... being freed from the horrible place... So many fond memory..."
■Crouch JR "The Crouch Deals, Amy and Crouch's engagement, L i r i a drama, too many Legillimens to count, "
■Vine "Asking the blood status of everyone I meet"
■Phoenix "The several fights between Phoenix and Crouch in wolf form, the wolf voice in Phoenix's head..."
■Phoenix "My very first full moon... Very Happy"
■DarkHeart "Going to the Ball with Marcus Flint. Forming and re forming the Slytherin girls Quidditch team. Winning against Hufflepuff."
■Ivy "Those times trolling Vine as Rune, moments in the lake with Rosier, trying Puff Plant, shopping with Twin, dying as Rune, Fox drama.... "
■Vine "The time when we all played snow ball outside"
■Phoenix "The werewolf hunt, many secrets revealed by many different people..."
■Phoenix "The time when some of us tried to disarm the enchanted snowman Very Happy"
■Vine "The time when me and Rosier went after Ivy and Fox. My first betrayal movement."
■Phoenix "Forming friendships and going through very real betrayals.."
■Ivy "Duelling foes, duelling friends, running around like chickens without heads. The many dances and dance partners. The many pranks."
■Ivy "All the notes passed around, random curses flying around the Hall, eating food stolen from the Puffs, arguing about blood status..."
■Vine "Wolf's family announcement. My banters with Ice about everything. "
■Ivy "Conjuring flowers as an apology, flying with Fox and feeling happy, watching quidditch, cheering Slytherin, going to Azkaban.... "
■Ivy "Having to pick up the pieces with Vine and Fox and their arguing and breaking up and emotions emotions emotions Razz "
■DarkHeart "Rosier's farewell notes from everyone. Being so unicorn ing angry when Vine came back alive and no one else was mad."
■Vine "Ghost, what the h were you doing in the Slytherin versus Hufflepuff game "
■Crouch JR "My evil plans, being a happy evil man on the outside but on the inside being a sad, hurt boy..."
■Ivy "Being totally torn between my family, the DE Rosier... and my beliefs, my friends and my brother :')"
■DarkHeart "Ebony, my -favorite- Gryff. Finding out Herm i a is my cousin. Helping Amy and Crouch pick Christmas gifts for eachother."
■Crouch JR "My first legillimens against Wolf... classic... "
■Sherbet "Punching Crouch In Da Face Smile"
■Ivy "Defending friends, defending role play, troll hunting, meeting Fawkes :')"
■Ivy "That epic duel with Rosier at Ice's manor dream - our first proper conversation xD "
■Vine "The moment I found there were slytherins like me who liked the Dark Lord and wasn't obsessed with trying to look good"
■Crouch JR "I remember the day I started with you guys... I was like, Hey I always liked Voldemort and these guys are acting like DE... I'm in!"
■Phoenix "-Group hugs you guys, wiping away tears from eyes- You guys, I'm actually getting tears in my eyes, lol. :')"
■Ivy "Oh oh and when we found out that putting a star either side of a word let it through the mods... and the Rush inn invasion xD"
■Sherbet "Being so excited i was shaking when being sorted"
■DarkHeart "The tiny chat document. Trying to figure out who Dark was and where she fit in. "
■Phoenix "Making time for you guys and having to be a little less Claw like. -Glances at homework pile-"
■Sherbet "same here pheonix Smile
■Crouch JR "The day I got into Slytherin house... and laughing at my sister who got in Hufflepuff..."
■Vine "I know what memory you all hate, BUBBLE times. -.-"
■Nagini "Are people having a trip down memory lane WITHOUT ME? No! -tears up at the memorys already- -nagini"
■Nagini "And Crouch, the day I got into Slytherin house and then my sister got into Gryffindor. SUCH a disappointment. -nagini"
■Crouch JR "lol I'm sorry Nagini. The day I got my first fan girl and wasn't even aware I was cool enough to have them..."
■Nagini "The time we said you could see the Dark Mark in the background... if you had uploaded the correct flash player -nagini"
■Vine "Notorious...The day we realized people were out to get us, all of you helped us and we got them back...Lost again Razz"
■Sherbet "-cough- Time Turners -cough-"
■Ivy "Pumpkin Bat and her troll faces Xd"
■Oak "Sorry a trip down memory lane for me needs to have, Dug the Quidditch mascot Gnat, Crest the talking card playing teddy and Tom-my boy sheep"

■Crouch JR "Fondest Pottermore memory?"
■Phoenix "Crouch, I can't pick one. All of it. Getting to know you all. Getting into trouble and surviving"
■Nagini "My fondest Pottermore memory? There was something special about my first mudblood teasing with Vine many months ago... -nagini"
■Vine "LOL Me watching twilight in the chat. "
■Ice "Fondest PM memory, Crouch? I can't say. Meeting a new awesome person is always a fond memory."
■Ruby "The trolling is always my favourite."
■Vine "Wait that is NOT the fondest memory, let me think"
■Crouch JR "My fondest is either my duel with Wolf or asking Amy to marry me"
■DarkHeart "Crouch, i c: v o o do o on Vine, o o c: the moment I realized that you can have real friends, best friends, who you've never met. (corny)"
■Ivy "Fondest memory... Coming back after being let out from Azkaban Smile"
■Phoenix "Actually, I have one. Being given the link for chat, finally finding my way there, and feeling like a real member of T P M."
■Ruby "Fondest Memory; Getting Vine to watch Twilight with me, Ivy becoming my twin
■Nagini "But I think in general, role playing for the first time and doing it with awesome people. Cheesy I know. -nagini"
■Crouch JR "But yes, I didn't expect to meet so many epic friends on here! "
■Vine "Ice, your fondest memory is me. "
■Rosier "Probably trolling everyone and having people thought I was banned, watching the reactions in the Hall, the freaking out"
■Ice "Hey Starkid. Dark Heart, that was cheesy but holy unicorn, you're right."
■Phoenix "I agree with the cheesy stuff though. Meeting you guys has been one of the best things in my life so far."
■Vine "For me i c the hogsmeade role play, I still remember the shivers. o o c trolling "
■Ice "Vine, don't flatter yourself. Razz"
■Ice "Seriously, guys, it's only been since October, why do I feel like I've known you forever."
■Rosier "What friends? You all inhale, I don't like any of you
■Nagini "Flame Felicis, yes, you will never meet a more awesome group of people than those that hang out in this here Hall. -nagini"
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Fond Memories (OOC)
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