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 Final Thoughts (IC)

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PostSubject: Final Thoughts (IC)   Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:24 pm

■DarkHeart "-Dark sits alone in the Slytherin girls dorm. Thinking about the war that's coming.-
■DarkHeart "-Thinking about the war that's been raging in her heart for the past year. She pulls a ragged photograph from her trunk-"
■DarkHeart "-as she looked down at the photo, the familiar storm of mixed emotions washed over her. First the sadness and pain, the regret, the longing-"
■DarkHeart "-she knew what emotion came next, angry tears swelled in her eyes and a cold fury filled her heart-"
■DarkHeart "-she gazed, unseeing at the picture, taken less than a year earlier, of her and her parents-"
■DarkHeart "-Dark crumpled the picture and threw it back into her trunk. She shook herself and blinked away tears before standing to head to the hall-"
■DarkHeart "-Dark walks into the Great Hall, her face a mask, devoid of emotion-"
■Crouch JR "-I walk back into the Great Hall and sit next to Dark-"
■DarkHeart "-looks over, her voice subdued- Hey Crouch... "
■Crouch JR "-Sad tone- Hey..."
■DarkHeart "-looks closer at Crouch, she had never heard him sound sad before. Crazy with loss, yes. But not deeply sad like she heard now-"
■DarkHeart "-despite her own emotions, wrestling just beneath the surface, she turns to her friend- You okay?"
■Crouch JR "-I get some fire whisk key- Want some?"
■DarkHeart "-gives a choked laugh- Absolutely -takes the whisk key gratefully and drinks-"
■Crouch JR " -I give some to Dark- So... what are you drinking for?"
■DarkHeart "-looks thoughtful- What we're all drinking for, I expect -looks around the Hall- "
■Crouch JR "-Sad tone- I see... River just left the castle... "
■DarkHeart "-raises eyebrows- She left? "
■Crouch JR "-Sad tone- Yes... -drinks- and that's what I wanted her to do anyway... but still..."
■DarkHeart "... you miss her. -she nods-"
■Crouch JR "-Sad tone, nods- Yes... it's like being back at Crouch Mansion as a boy again... but at least this round I have you guys..."
■DarkHeart "Yes. -her thoughts wander to the crumpled photograph in her trunk- Crouch... -she hesitates, trying to find the right words-"
■Crouch JR "-Looks at her- Yes?"
■DarkHeart "-sighs- Our loved ones, Crouch... sometimes... they can make us lose focus. They can hurt us with the merest word, thought, action... "
■DarkHeart "... They can be the cause of all our joy... but are almost always the cause of all our misery. "
■Crouch JR "-Mood gets a little darker- Want to run that one by me again..."
■DarkHeart "I guess... what I'm trying to say is... it's best that River isn't here. If something were to happen to her... "
■Crouch JR "NOTHING would happen to her, even if she stayed her! I wouldn't allow it! But you're right, it IS best she isn't here"
■DarkHeart "-sadly- This war runs deep, Crouch. Deeper than your hatred of the ministry. Deeper than my grudge against blood traitors. "
■DarkHeart "Deeper than any of us. Or even of all of us combined. And you can't protect everyone you love."
■Crouch JR "-I grab her by the shoulder- WATCH ME! "
■DarkHeart "-doesn't argue with Crouch, she knows not all of them will come out of this alive. Part of her hopes that she herself will die in the fight-"
■Crouch JR "-I release her shoulder and calm down- I'm sorry... you just don't know what it feels like to lose everything... I did once... NEVER again.."
■DarkHeart "-smiles, thinking she has lost more than she would ever let on- It's okay, Crouch... By sending River away you may have saved her life. "

■DarkHeart "-smiles and offers fake reassurance that she knows is a lie but that they both need to hear right now- Everything will work out. Don't worry"

■Rosier "-Watches Dark and Crouch talk, hit by a memory of when they first got their Mark, their shared joy and celebration, remembers their grins-"
■Rosier "Remembers Dark and her first Quidditch win, as they drank bottles and bottles of firewhisky and went flying, crashing their expensive brooms"
■Rosier "Remembers the time her and Ivy got caught by Filch in a broom cupboard, that leering dog, it was the only time she has seen him grin so big"
■Rosier "First year: Sitting across from her best friend Vine in the compartment, already sneering at all the mudbloods they saw on the train, they"
■Rosier "... overhear others wondering where they will be sorted, looks at each other and grins"
■Rosier "Rosier kicks Vine with her swinging leg - Want to bet how fast the hat is going to scream Slytherin? I bet it barely touches our heads! -"
■Rosier "At the sorting, they snort as a Macnair is sorted into Hufflepuff, the Hall silent, they send a jelly legs curse at her as she falls flat"
■Rosier "McGonagall turns around, furious, X X POINTS OFF - Rosier says with a grin, But we are not sorted yet Professor! Good one!"
■Rosier "Remembers the first time she cast Crucio, with Vine and Nagini behind her, always supporting each other, as the mudblood screamed"
■Rosier "... as Nagini's classical music filled the air, she remembered how she felt in that moment, infinite, the world was theirs together"
■Rosier "First time lying down on the silk sheets in dungeons, looking over at her dorm mates Nagini and Dark, knowing it will be V I I great years"
■Rosier "Trunk, sitting in the Common room, playing truth or dare as it lands on herself, being dared to kiss Bulstrode on the lips, cringing"
■Rosier "Remembers the first time she saw Hogwarts, everybody else was amazed, but it was nothing special compared to the pureblood manors she's seen"
■Rosier "Remembers Slytherin winning the House Cup every year, that she didn't even wait for the old fool to announce it, already celebrating earlier"
■Rosier "Age X, Rosier asks VIne: Hey, no matter what happens at Hogwarts, it'll always be me and you right? He smiles, ruffles her hair: Of course"
■Rosier "First time she stood in front of the Dark Lord, eyes down, shaking slightly in awe and fear, wondering if this is all her life is going to be"

■Vine "Mrs Lestrange walked over to the family tree and stared at the burnt n...What are you doing Vine.She knew soon Snape was going to Dumbledore"
■Vine "K Dumbledore and death eaters would take over Hogwarts, she started crying.
■Vine "Vine woke up from his little nap and kissed Fox who was still sleeping. Whenever I wake up,I say how I wish we were just dreaming, Fox. "
■Vine "Sighs and looks out from the work shop, a never ending nightmare we are in."
■Vine "How everything changed so fast...He mumbled. I was just kidding when i told others I was going to ask you to the ball...I wanted to K you. "
■Phoenix "-Phoenix can't help but remember the night Greyback bit her. She shivers as the she remembers clearly the pain in her neck-"
■Phoenix " -Remembers waking in Mungo's and being told what had happened-"
■DarkHeart "-sits at Slytherin table, thinking too much. Her heart beats irregularly, she clasps her hands together to keep them from shaking. Scared-"
■Crouch JR "-Sits down in the Great Hall, thinking of River and Amy and A l e x is... once the Ministry was in ashes... we would never know sorrow again"
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Final Thoughts (IC)
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