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 The bone chilling end to Rosier's short life...

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PostSubject: The bone chilling end to Rosier's short life...   Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:32 pm

VineStar29 "Curses as she spots the Aurors in the clearing, she should have heard them, but her guard was down, she shouts Crouch, Nagini, RUN, RUN NOW"
MidnightEye43 "-The aurors spot Rosier and one steps forward, taking in the scene- Rosier... long time, no see."
DawnRain127 "-brought back to her senses by Rosier's words, she gets to her feet, panic rising- -nagini"
DawnRain127 "-hearing voices, she does not dare to turn, fear driving her on- Rosier, we need to get away... -nagini"
VineStar29 "-She spins around, heart beating fast, eyeing the group surrounding her- Well I'm sorry, I don't like hanging out with your kind"
MidnightEye43 "-The auror sighs, looking at the dead couple.- Still up to your little games I see, Rosier. That's very bad of you. You need a lesson."
VineStar29 "Rosier glances at Nagini, knowing she is still shaken up by Fox, whispers - Get out of hereā€¦ I can handle them, go now when you can-"
DawnRain127 "-pauses on the edge of the trees- Rosier... no... for once swallow your pride and run... -nagini"
MidnightEye43 "I'm sure you remember your last little lesson with us, don't you? -the auror smiles-"
VineStar29 "Turning back to the Aurors, she puts on a brave face, laughs - A lesson? And what makes you think you are qualified to teach me? -"
DawnRain127 "-shouts- Rosier, leave it! Because I cannot leave you. -nagini"
VineStar29 "Nagini ... you know I cannot run. It is not in my character to do so. I am not a coward, I will fight for my honour... "
MidnightEye43 "-The auror laughs- Look at you, acting so brave now, like you are all grown up. But I'm sure we can still find that little girl in there."
MidnightEye43 "-Auror looks back in exasperation at Nagini and then motions to her.- Deal with her. -A different auror walks towards Nagini.-"
VineStar29 "Ignoring Nagini as she hears the aurors words, she turns around, eyes blazing - What... what are you talking about. Who are you? - "
MidnightEye43 "You don't remember us, Rosier? Now isn't that a shame. You were so helpful last time, it's a pity you ended up like this."
VineStar29 "Her anger rising, she grips her wand, -Stop talking in riddles, I don't have time for your stupid games, just fight me! -"
DraconisYew31 "O o c I know, but Crouch's desire for revenge would consume him upon seeing the aurors. So just stop me Nagini"
DawnRain127 "-shaking slightly- But Rosier... I cannot lose you... not after Vine... -nagini"
VineStar29 "Crouch o o c; I told you and Nagini to run, I think you should save yourself for the battle, or feel torn between helping me or not
DraconisYew31 "O o c I know, but Crouch's desire for revenge would consume him upon seeing the aurors. So just stop me Nagini"
MidnightEye43 "So young too. -the auror says, looking at dead Vine and Fox.- You know where you'll have to go for this, don't you, Rosier?"
VineStar29 "She pales, that voice... that taunting voice, she has heard it before... it is in her nightmares, whispers - No, no it cannot be... "
DawnRain127 "O o c: I am going to be torn but then the other auror is going to hold me off. And I see Rosier die in front of me. Lovely stuff. -nagini"
MidnightEye43 "But, I suppose you could help us at least one more time. You could talk, Rosier, just like last time."
DawnRain127 "-sees Crouch- No, not you too! Crouch! -runs towards him- Crouch, we have to go! -nagini"
DraconisYew31 "-My widest Crazy Grin, and I start walking slowly toward the aurors, relishing every step... I say quietly- Revenge, revenge, revenge...."
VineStar29 "Starts shaking- YOU... it was you... How could you do that to me, I was nothing but a child, how could you!
DawnRain127 "-hears Rosier's words, thinks of what they both suffered- No, I cannot give in to this. Rosier, they are taunting you! Run! -nagini"
MidnightEye43 "-his face gains a cold, shut off look- I am not proud of it but sometimes... sacrifices need to be made. Don't make me do it again."
VineStar29 "You have no idea what you have done to me, how I can't sleep at night, how -pauses, cannot show weakness- I swore I will find out who and k!"
VineStar29 "With the pain fresh in her mind, her anger fuelling her nerve, she grabs her wand and yells SECTUMSEMPRA! straight at him -"
DraconisYew31 "-Widest Crazy Grin Ever- At last Nagini... I can finally show the Ministry the pain they put me and River through! Come on! Let's have FUN!!"
DawnRain127 "-she stops, knowing full well that Rosier is not going to back down- Rosier... -she thinks a moment- but my family... -nagini"
DawnRain127 "-in panic- Crouch, no, we do not have to do this. Not now. We are outnumbered. -tries a new tactic- The Dark Lord needs us... -nagini"
MidnightEye43 "-The auror sighed, pulling out his wand to deflect the spell with a protego.- So you're going to make this hard then?"
MidnightEye43 "-looks back at the other aurors- deal with the other I I, I'll have a play with our old friend, Rosier."
DawnRain127 "-surrounded and too late to run, she draws her wand- Crouch, as soon as you can get away, run! -whirls around- CONFRINGO! -nagini"
ThornSparks13 "One Auror smiles and pointed at the sky, they are coming...An army of dementors was slowly approaching"
VineStar29 "Her face hard, -You Aurors are no better than us, you torture for what you want, treat people like dirt, I will destroy you! -"
MidnightEye43 "Ah yes, that'll make things a lot easier. So, Rosier, how would you like to watch your friends suffer a dementor's kiss? REDUCTO!"
DawnRain127 "-pushes the memory of Fox to the back of her mind, eyes blank- You will pay for this, the whole Ministry will pay! -nagini"
DraconisYew31 "-Widest Crazy Grin- -Shoots fiendfyre at the auror, laughing insanely the whole time-"
DawnRain127 "-feels the hair rise on the back of her neck... a familiar cold feeling...- No... -nagini"
MidnightEye43 "-stares back at Rosier- We both know that trying to reach an agreement with Death Eaters through talk is futile."
MidnightEye43 "-cries in pain under the spell, shooting a sectumsempra back at Rosier to take away her concentration.-"
VineStar29 "Expulso! -the curse meets the Auror's half way, deflecting into the trees, lighting up the sky as she sees a swarm of Dementors closing in-"
MidnightEye43 "Grab the girl. -auror snaps, pointing back at Nagini.- She can go first if things go badly. Confringo!"
VineStar29 "CROUCH, NAGINI, GO! -she shouts, before advancing on the Auror- Conjunctivitis! - that hits his eyes"
DawnRain127 "-rooted to the spot in terror, images of Azkaban flashing through her mind, hardly notices the aurors- -nagini"
MidnightEye43 "Enough. -puts a hand to his eye- I gave you the chance, Rosier. -points wand at her directly- Legillimens!"
DawnRain127 "-gets hit in the shoulder by an auror but is still staring at the dementors as their ragged black shapes descend- -nagini"
VineStar29 "Rosier screams, holding her head in pain, as the memorys flash in her head again - a young Rosier, crying in a cold dark room, being "
VineStar29 "... beat and cursed at, the Aurors surrounding her, kicking her - You are just like your family, won't be different, TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW"
DraconisYew31 "-Looks at the Dementors and images of Amy falling to her almost death flood my mind..."
DawnRain127 "I must... get to Crouch... -she shield herself from the next few spells, trying to reach him, skirting the trees for protection- -nagini"
MidnightEye43 "-the dementors descend casting a frosty mist over the clearly, so cold. The auror holds the spell firmly, watching.-"
DawnRain127 "-she remembers her brother, locked away forever, of the raids, of how her sister was so scared... how she was so scared...- -nagini"
DraconisYew31 "-Trying to fight my fear off- No... I won't be denied our revenge..."
MidnightEye43 "Tell me what you know. -his voice was empty of emotion, the darkness closing in behind him, over the clearing. He could hear the pleading.-"
DawnRain127 "-finally crosses the clearing, the frost breaking beneath her feet- Crouch, back to back, we are stronger together. -nagini"
VineStar29 "It was so cold, so painful, but a voice in the back of her head, -Get up, you need to run! -Charges towards the Auror, knocking him back -"
MidnightEye43 "-the auror goes flying backwards, the spell broken, the dementors practically in the clearing.-"
DraconisYew31 "-I nod at Nagini and get behind her back, readying my wand- I won't be denied my revenge. Not when I'm so close..."
VineStar29 "Shivering, she watches with grim satisfaction as he flies backwards, goes after him and yells AVADA KEDAVRA! with her last ounce of strength"
DawnRain127 "-comforted a moment by Crouch's warmth in the cold of the clearing, turns to watch Rosier, hears her curse- -nagini"
MidnightEye43 "-The dementors close in around Rosier, feeding away at the happiness, bringing to life the nightmares. Surrounding, trapping.-"
DraconisYew31 "Do you know how to use a Patronus Nagini? I'm not sure mine will be strong enough..."
DawnRain127 "-She sees the dementors close in around Rosier and raises her wand, hand shaking- Expecto Patronum! Expecto Patronum! Work! Please! -n"
VineStar29 Rosier falls to her knees, think of a happy memory quick, COME ON, sees the first time Ivy says I love you by the lake, she was beautiful
MidnightHeart72 "o o c: I so wish I was there for this! -settles for sitting on the edge of her seat-"
ThornSparks13 "O o c Sad ..."
DraconisYew31 "EXPECTO PATRONUM! -A weak patronus goes out, but not enough to protect anyone outside of myself..."
VineStar29 "Her mind fading, so cold, her teeth clattering, tries with everything she has - Expecto... Expecto Patronum! - Happy.. be happy.. "
DawnRain127 "-in despair- I do not even know what my happy memorys are any more! Ice... Oak... -pauses- Fox... -nagini"
ThornSparks13 "o o c This shows the true tragedy of death eater children. They are brought up to be strong but can't cast a patronus..."
DraconisYew31 "-I try to remember the day the Dark Lord found me, the day Amy said yes to my proposal... why wasn't my patronus stronger?!-"
MidnightEye43 "-The spell is barely a bit of smoke to the dementors, the cold was closing in, the darkness fast behind it. They gathered close.-"
VineStar29 "A memory of her father telling her for the first time she was proud of her, that she was deserving to be a Rosier.. EXPECTO PATRONUM, please"
DawnRain127 "-she whispers- Crouch... take my hand... the warmth... we can try this together... for Rosier... -nagini"
ThornSparks13 "o o c I I dead bodys lying on the floor, forbidden forest, aurors...desperate patronuses filling the air, there are no heroes in this war. "
DraconisYew31 "O o c Well, ultimate power comes with a price, in this case happiness..."
DawnRain127 "-the dementors so close now, their cold feeling her throat, her heart...- -nagini"
DraconisYew31 "-I take Nagini's hand- FOR ROSIER! EXPECTO PATRONUM!! -A stronger patronus goes out-VineStar29 "She couldn't feel her body anymore... everything was numb... How did her life come to this? Was it worth it? Keep trying... Expecto .. Pat.."
MidnightEye43 "-And one floats up to Rosier's pale face, ignoring the feeble cries around it, presses against her lips and takes away her soul.-"
VineStar29 "She tries to scream as he opens his mouth, but she was too tired, too weak.... all she can think was, I hope my life was worth something... "
DawnRain127 "-she knew the real reason why she took Crouch's hand- Crouch... -she whispers- I am so sorry... -nagini"
DraconisYew31 "-Glares at nagini- You'd better not..."
DawnRain127 "We are too late, Crouch... too late -she grasps his hand tighter. And apparates- -nagini"
DraconisYew31 "-Apparates away with Nagini and I push her in rage- YOU INSECT! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!"
DawnRain127 "-reappears on the grass outside her manor, falling down the hill as Crouch pushes her- -nagini"
MidnightEye43 "-And in that forest, with the dead on the floor, the pleads of the haunted and the chilling deathly cold, they left only a shell of a girl.-"
VineStar29 "The last thing she saw before her eyes closed was the ball of light coming from her mouth, as he pulls away, she falls, final resting place"
DraconisYew31 "-Glares furiously- YOU DENIED ME MY REVENGE... AND YOU DOOMED ROSIER!"
DawnRain127 "-she gets up, arm still bleeding for the auror's attack- Crouch... -sobbing- there was nothing we could do... -nagini"
DawnRain127 "-eyes cold- Saved her? We would have both fallen too. You were not match for the aurors AND the Dementors. She was no match for them... "
MidnightHeart72 "-comes up out of the lake after talking with some of the merpeople. If she could get some of them on their side, all the better-"
DraconisYew31 "-Sigh- We could've done more... I had k one auror... it was so thrilling... we could have done more..."
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The bone chilling end to Rosier's short life...
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