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 River's goodbye

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PostSubject: River's goodbye   Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:04 am

By Crouch

River "-I stand by my bed, looking down at my empty trunk. everything i needed was packed into a small bag. i slowly made my way down, through the common room and down in to the great hall. One last look around before i leave-"

DraconisYew31 "-I see River and I rush over to her seeing the bags- So you're leaving I'm guessing?"

River "-i nod, looking away so he wouldnt see how sad i was- I have to. I cant stay...not when i know what going to happen."

DraconisYew31 "-Sighs in relief- I'll be honest with you... you're making the right choice. I don't want you ANYWHERE near here with what will happen..."

River "-i smile slightly, a tear dripping from my eye as i look at him.- you think i want you here? how will i will i know if you are ok?"

"-I wipe away her tear, smiles confidently- Please River... is there ANYONE on the other side who can best me? Don't worry about me... "

River "-i laugh, shakly- i cant help it. I cant not worry...Not with all my friends who are staying."

DraconisYew31 "As long as they don't get in my way... if you want any spared... tell them to get out of here now... I'll lose all control in the battle..."

River "If they have any sense, they will leave anyway. they want to stay...because they want to k you and the others."

DraconisYew31 "They're welcome to try.... but I'm not dying without taking more than my fair share of Ministry kids down with me... "

OakMist160 "O o c River! Knock him out and take him with you! There's so much more of them than us. We need every edge we can get.."

River "-i flinch- theres no way i can talk you into coming with me then?"

DraconisYew31 "O o c Yeah I VERY much doubt that will work... "

DraconisYew31 "-Sighs, looks apologetic- No River... I can't do that... The Ministry HAS to be punished for what it did to us... they have to know our lose"

River "-I nod, dropping my bags and suddenly hugging him- your an amazing brother,you know. Please dont die."

DraconisYew31 "-Am caught off guard by the hug, but I hug back- Don't worry... I'll come back... my amazing sister... I want to see how you are as an aunt."

River "-i laugh- ill be the best aunt ever. your kid is going to grow up with more people loving her than anyone else. -I pick up my bags again, wanting to leave before i find it too hard to go-"

DraconisYew31 "-I laugh, as I watch her leave- I know you will be... -mutter under breath- even if something happens, I know she and Amy will have you"

River "-i walk down the steps to the ground, leaving the castle. i dont look back-"

DraconisYew31 "-I sigh in relief, now I don't have to worry about my sister getting hurt... now I can get our revenge without worry... but I still was sad."
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River's goodbye
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