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 Times of Mourning

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PostSubject: Times of Mourning   Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:03 am

By Ebony

MidnightEye43 "-the day was cold, but sunny, as they brought the I I in. It seemed so out of place. The hall descended into a shocked, heavy silence.-"
MidnightEye43 "-And when she saw who it was... who they were... everything seemed to just spin. Her ears rang and she collapsed into a chair, eyes wide.-"
Leo "-she walks down from the Room of Requirement. She had spent the entire day there, preparing for the battle - after the day's events (cont)"
Leo "(cont) all classes had been cancelled. No one missed her, and her time was spent doing something useful. She walks into the Hall-"
MidnightEye43 "-Someone placed a hand on her shoulder, but she didn't know who, she couldn't look up. Couldn't look away. Shock threatening to choke her.-"
Leo "-but stops, seeing the scene in front of her. The I I of them ... an incredible surge of anger flew through her. They didn't deserve this-"
Leo "-she walks over to Ebony- Hey. -she says heavily, unable to take her eyes of Vine and Fox-"
MidnightEye43 "-A small, sad smile crossed her face for a second, as she took in their peaceful appearance, they could have just been sleeping.-"
MidnightEye43 "They look so peaceful. -That was all she managed to get out before the tears spilled over and the smile disappeared.-"
SpellFrog67 "-Spell stares at Vine and Fox with wide eyes- W-what happened? -he croaks-"
Leo "-she walks over to Spell and hugs him- Death Eaters. That's what happened. -she feels another surge of anger. Something had to be done-"
MidnightEye43 "-Why? Why didn't you take us with you? She envied the peace that they finally had. Why did you leave us behind?-"
Leo "-she looks back at Vine and Fox. This had to stop - they had to be stopped. Did they know how many lives they were hurting?-"
SpellFrog67 "-Spell hugs L e o tightly, wiping away a tear- I can't believe this.."
Leo "-nods- I know ... they have so much to answer for. I had never taken a side before now. But now ... now they are going to pay."
MidnightEye43 "-she sat, shaking with silent, wordless sobs before standing suddenly, she didn't deserve to be there, not after all she'd done.-"
SpellFrog67 "Who is going to pay, dear L e o? -Spell sniffs sadly-"
Leo "The Death Eaters -she growled- It started, all those years ago ... with my mother ... and now ... NOW!"
SpellFrog67 "-Spell, eyes thick with tears, races into the kitchens & returns seconds later with hot chocolate & soup. He hands the tray to Ebony & L e o"
SpellFrog67 "-Spell hugs L e o and Ebony sadly- o o c: So very tragic. The death of loved ones, and now the comments lagging to put icing on the cake :'("
SpellFrog67 "-Spell looks side ways at L e o. He had never heard her speaking of her family before-"
Leo "o o c: Indeed i c: -she waves away the chocolate, shaking with anger-"
MidnightEye43 "-She stood outside, holding her arm, the iron taste mixing in with the salty. She could not speak, there were no words or promises"
MidnightEye43 "that she could possibly make.-"
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Times of Mourning
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