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 The shocking finale to Vine, Fox and (soon to be) Rosier's fate, Season 1

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PostSubject: The shocking finale to Vine, Fox and (soon to be) Rosier's fate, Season 1   Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:02 am

Editing By Rosier

It is like a unicorning novel..... but enjoyyy Smile

ThornSparks13 "o o c what is wrong with the comment board? i c Vine walked in, looking for Rosier...He knew it, he knew what to do. "
VineStar29 "O o c: Unicorn the board, going to be on friends feed.. I c: Rosier sits at the table in thoughts, thinking about her future with Ivy"
ThornSparks13 "Vine spots Rosier sitting alone and clears his throat...I never should have thought you the imperius curse. "
VineStar29 "Her thoughts are rudely interrupted, raises eyebrows to Vine - What are you talking about Lestrange? -"
ThornSparks13 "Vine shook his head, You...I know it was you. Lemon finally remembered what you have done to her, Miss Rosier."
VineStar29 "-Laughs- A weak mind is meant to be played with ... You've gone all soft Lestrange, you used to love this just as much as I do. "
ThornSparks13 "Vine glared, Rosier. Look. She could have K Fox, if I hadn't stopped her...Why are you doing this to me?"
VineStar29 "-Snaps- You made your choice when you took that half blood's hand, you knew it would come to this, there is a War coming! What do you think?"
DawnRain127 "-walks to Rosier's bed, back to the fireplace, to the window, shaking slightly, looking out at the dark sky- -nagini"
ThornSparks13 "I didn't make a choice, I loved her...I love her, it is not a choice, Rosier. Stop this non sense actions!"
VineStar29 "Nonsense? This is my life too Vine, this is your oldest friend of X V I years that you just dumped, all for a girl! We were born into our
VineStar29 "... lives and we have to accept it. It is our fate, and I will stay loyal to my cause till the end. Now leave me alone. -turns away-"
ThornSparks13 "- Pauses, feeling a bit guilty, looking at her eyes, ones friendly now hateful - She is the love of my life, I have no regrets.
MidnightHeart72 "-walks in and hears Vine and Rosier arguing. It seems she was not the only one willing to go to great lengths to try to split up V o x-"
VineStar29 "-Angry- And nor will I when I k you and your little girlfriend both, let's see if you will regret your choice then! "
ThornSparks13 "You WILL NOT COME NEAT HER EVER AGAIN, YOU and me, now, clock tower. said Vine, determined. "
VineStar29 "So it indeed has come to this... yes, let's finish this the way we started, just you and me. And let's go to the Forest... who knows if you"
VineStar29 "... have Dumbledore setting up a trap? Who knows, you work with those traitors now. "
DraconisYew31 "-I hear Vine and walk over to him, Crazy Grin- Now now Vine... surely you are not so stupid as to take on one of my lieutenants?"
MidnightHeart72 "-looks between Rosier and Vine. She wouldn't interfere. They had old business together.-"
ThornSparks13 "Vine nodded, I don't care where...Just m me at midnight. I still have things to do. "
VineStar29 "-Sneering- Lestrange, you better say your goodbyes. Because one of us isn't coming back, and that's not going to be me. "
VineStar29 "O o c: Crouch don't worry, we have this planned Wink ... and IVY COME BACK NOW I NEED TO SAY GOOD BYE TO YOU FOREVER"
ThornNiffler14 "o o c - popcorn in her hand, clicking the refresh button - "
NimbusMarauder50 "-looks at vine and rosier a sense of dread filling her-"
ChaserQueen181 "frowns at vine and rosier - i always thought they where close - Ginny"

---- This is Vine and Fox's farewell part-------

WillowSword90 "-checking potions in the shop, feeling a slight chill in the air-
"MidnightEye43 "-watches Dark walk off and then glances down at her arm, at the wound, whispering.- Tell me something I don't know."
ThornSparks13 "Vine shakes his head, Umm...I need to go Phoenix. Just...Be..fine. Be fine. Left to the work shop to see Fox."
PhoenixFlame115 "-Sits, barely hearing Pixie ask what that was about. Phoenix can barely concentrate with the scent in the air-"
ThornSparks13 "Walks to the work shop, heart racing, looking around...- does the stuff to enter o o c comment board is misbehaving"
WillowSword90 "-smiles as the wind chimes sound and turns around- hello love... "
ThornSparks13 "You are awake? Nice...He walks over and kisses Fox, I missed you. Stares into her eyes, like he hasn't seen her for weeks."
WillowSword90 "-shivers slightly in his arms- couldn't sleep... I missed you too. -returning his gaze- "
VineStar29 "O o c: Let's see who can out cheese each other, Vine or Rosier, lol"
ThornSparks13 "Sighed and kissed her again.Fox, it was Rosier.She imperio e d Lemon to K you.I am going to m her tonight in the forbidden forest says,being surprisingly honest."
WillowSword90 "-she didn't need to know the facts to sense it... death lingered, patiently waiting... it was nearly time-
"WillowSword90 "Vine, -nods, trying to hold back tears- is there anything I could say to keep you here... please."
ThornSparks13 "Fox. You know me. I have to do this. Trust me, I am good at this. Smiles slightly, will my trouble stay away?"
WillowSword90 "-tear rolls down cheek, despite effort- Vine I -pauses and kisses him again- I love you. -already planning to follow-"
ThornSparks13 "Already knowing she will follow him, Fox...You have detention with Snape now, i am sorry..."
WillowSword90 "-eyes widen- What? I haven't done anything he would have found... -looks at him- you did this on purpose."
WillowSword90 "-she didn't care, she was going to be there if it k her, together. alive or...-"
ThornSparks13 "Vine smiles, Why do you keep forgetting you have a slytherin boy friend? Checks the time, i need to go..Kiss me. "
WillowSword90 "-kisses vine, a kiss to last a lifetime- come home -lying well, having spent a fair amount of time with slytherins-"
ThornSparks13 "Vine smiled and kissed his wand, you are always with me, remember? o o c don't laugh i c he walked out the work shop and head to the forest."
WillowSword90 "-checks to ensure he's truly left, and follows close behind, illusions cover her path-"
MidnightEye43 "-Ebony too looks out the window, feeling a strange, sickening feeling that this would be the last time she would see the I I.-"
NimbusMarauder50 "-stares out the window praying that vine and fox will come back out..but she feels this might be the last time she sees them-"
MidnightEye43 "-presses her hand against the cold window, whispers- I'm sorry for everything."
ThornSparks13 "o o c Oh come one Rosier i c Walks to the forest, determined to finish it...He knew Fox was following him, the familiar breeze made his"

----- Rosier and Ivy, with a bit of Nagini's farewell-----

VineStar29 "Rosier leaves, heading back to the dungeons, wanting to see that familiar face and hold a special someone in her arms... just in case
RuneWolf132 "Ivy sits back on her bed, flipping through an old muggle romance book, laughing quietly every other page."
VineStar29 "She heads for her room, opens the door and stops to admire the sight of Ivy on the bed. Breathes in, then says, Hey Ivy ... can we talk? -"
RuneWolf132 "-looks up and stuffs the book under her pillow, then beams up at Rosier- Sure, what's up? -sits up and past the spot next to her-"
VineStar29 "Rosier sits, scooping Ivy into her arms, pauses- You know a War is coming up... I never asked you... who you will be fighting along side? -"
RuneWolf132 "-blinks bewildered at Rosier- I... -pulls her slowly into a hug and rests head against her neck- I'm not ... sure... -she whispers quietly-"
VineStar29 "-Sighs- I can't believe I am going to say this but ... fight for what you believe in... it might be the only thing that will keep us alive.."
RuneWolf132 "-squeezes her tighter- Rosier, baby, why are you saying this now? What's going on?
VineStar29 "Rosier shakes her head quickly, has to lie - I just need to know... if there will be a you and me after this war? Us? -"
RuneWolf132 "I... -hesitates- Rosier, you need to tell me what's going on? Why are you... -pauses- Do you want there to be? -she takes her hands-"
VineStar29 "O o c: Let's see who can out cheese each other, Vine or Rosier, lol"
VineStar29 "Holds Ivy's face in her hands, capturing the sight to memory - I need something good to believe in, I need the thought of us to make it .. "
DawnRain127 "O o c: one last thing. VERY important thing. I c: -runs into the dorms to see Rosier with Ivy- Rosier... -nagini"
VineStar29 "The moment is ruined as she Nagini bursts in, but she knows this might be her chance - Baby, give me a second okay? -"
DawnRain127 "-looks from Rosier to Ivy- Oh... Rosier... I am sorry... -nagini"
RuneWolf132 "She presses her lips together not knowing what to say. She closes her eyes as they talk, playing out in her mind everything Rosier could say"
VineStar29 "-Nods, walking over to Nagini and pulling her out of the room- My dear friend... what we dreaded will happen has come... I need your help"
DawnRain127 "-nods gravely- It was going to come... there was nothing we could do. -looks into her eyes- You can rely on me. For Anything"
VineStar29 "I am going to duel Vine tonight... who knows if he will bring the Aurors, they protect him now. But promise me this, I want you to be the "
VineStar29 "... one to k me, if they are going to capture me.. . And, -pauses- please take care of Ivy for me, if anything happens.. "
DawnRain127 "Rosier... no... we have shared so much together. -she nods slowly- But yes... they will NOT take you alive. I will do what I must to "
DawnRain127 "...I will do anything to stop them from taking you to Azkaban. Anything to stop that torture. Whatever it takes. -nagini"
VineStar29 "It's not Azkaban I fear, but giving away our secrets... -Pulls Nagini into a hug- Good luck, my dear friend. See you on the other side.."
DawnRain127 "-hugs Rosier, trying to hide from her that she was afraid- I will see you then. We will see each other again. We will... -she whispers- "
VineStar29 "-Nods, giving Nagini a small smile, and one more salute. Goes back into the room, knowing time is short- Ivy... I need to tell you something"
DawnRain127 "-watches Rosier walk away and gives her the most loyal and heart felt pureblood salute she had ever given- -nagini"
RuneWolf132 "No, let me say something first, Rosier. -she inhales- I don't care what you're about to say next, baby. I just want you to know, (cont)"
RuneWolf132 "(cont) wherever we end up, after today, tomorrow or after the battle. After whatever you tell me next. I love you. -nods for Rosier to speak"
VineStar29 "-She's heard it many times before, but each time still makes her smile- Baby... I am duelling Vine tonight. Given our past, it's only"
VineStar29 "... fitting that we settle this, between me and him. I just... I couldn't have gone without telling you. I love you. I'll be thinking of you"
RuneWolf132 "You're... You're doing what? -starts shaking- Rosier... one of you will be k! Baby, I... -sees her look-- you have to do this, don't you? Sad"
VineStar29 "She pulls Ivy close, kisses her forehead. Yes, I have to do this. But knowing you'll be waiting for me gives me strength to fight and win.."
RuneWolf132 "Of course you'll win -she tries to smile- You're Rosier... -she chokes a bit- My Rosier. -kisses lightly on lips- I'll be waiting for you. "
VineStar29 "-Hugs Ivy one more time, breathing in her smell, as she pulls back, eyes saying everything she can't.- Love you... don't ever forget it. "
RuneWolf132 "-she chokes on her tears- I love you too. So much. -she kisses her hand and then, reluctantly, feeling her heart breaking, let's her go-"
VineStar29 "Closes her eyes and says, kiss me one more time baby. O o c: Ok coming, Fox, I didn't even think you would show up today I don't need to k u"
RuneWolf132 "-kisses Rosier good bye, gently, hoping that it isn't their last- "
VineStar29 "-Smiles for the both of them- See you soon. -Turns and leaves, her heart pounding, adrenaline running through her body-"
RuneWolf132 "o o c I'm gonna stop recording now, I've done me and Rosier saying good bye Smile WE ARE OVER :'( "

----------DUEL TIME!------------

ThornSparks13 "o o c Rosier, why do we have to be so epic? "
MidnightEye43 "-Tonks wanders the halls, she had lost the Lestrange boy AGAIN. That kid just needed to stay put where she could keep an eye on him.-"
MidnightEye43 "-Tonks catches sight of the Lestrange kid walking into the forest. What was he doing...?-"
MidnightEye43 "-Tonks watches as another figure walks to the forest. Her ominous feeling grows and she quietly, silently, follows.-"
WillowSword90 "-she couldn't control it... the storm building was beyond her control and it frightened her, fate had finally claimed her, her path was set-"

ThornSparks13 "o o c I say we roll with it, yes i c Vine waits under the tree, his old friend, love..Rosier. She dared to...Vine closed his eyes in pain. "
VineStar29 "Rosier breathes in deeply, trying to keep her emotions in check - This is not Vine, this is just a traitor, you got this - enters forest"
VineStar29 "Rosier spots Vine in the clearing, leaning against a tree. She looks around, - Come out Fox, wherever you are, I know you're probably there-"
ThornSparks13 "Vine saw Rosier and pushed himself forward, She is not here...Rosier, I give you once chance to walk away, we don't have to do this, just "
ThornSparks13 "..apologize to me."
VineStar29 "-Laughs- Apologize? But Vine dear, I have done nothing wrong. Anyone not on my side is an enemy, and enemys must die. "
MidnightEye43 "-Tonks caught sight of them. Vine and Rosier. She grits her teeth - it looked bad. She knew a few aurors who had dealt with Rosier before.-"
WillowSword90 "-breath catches, Rosier would know.. she knew her too well, steps out of the shadows- Always a pleasure rosier... Ivy around?"
ThornSparks13 "Sees Fox and doesn't change his face expression, Fox...Sighs and looks at Rosier, waiting."
MidnightEye43 "-Tonks knew she would probably need their back up. Lestrange and the girl would just have to keep themselves alive until then.-"
VineStar29 "Lestrange, I should have known you need your girl to fight your battles... Can't even duel me like an honorable man, one on one? "
DawnRain127 "-she stands so she has a good view of Tonks, whispers- Rosier, I will not fail you. -nagini"
WillowSword90 "Rosier, oh don't worry I'm only here so we can celebrate when he wins... -steps back- he doesn't need any help... "
VineStar29 "You sound quite sure of yourself there Fox, well I'm sorry to disappoint you but neither of you going to be winners today, now watch him die"
WillowSword90 "-glared at rosier, showing no fear, months spent lying and working with death eaters had taught her how to hide her emotions-"
ThornSparks13 "Rosier, I still don't want to do this. We just want to be together, like you and Ivy. Let us be."
VineStar29 "Have you gone mad, Lestrange? You asked me to come here. You said you wanted to fight me. Don't back out now, and waste my time!"
ThornSparks13 "Yes, I wanted you to be away from those...people around you. Listen to me, leave us alone, promise me and we will walk out of here together."
VineStar29 "And then what? A War is coming... both of us are going to have to fight. You told me you would k me without thought if it came down to it"
ThornSparks13 "Vine nodded and looked at Fox then back to Rosier, You are right, you will be trouble. It is inevitable. Takes out the wand, let's do this."
VineStar29 "You cannot expect to be a traitor and not fight your part in this war, we all have to. You will destroy me if you can. -grabs wand, sighs-"
ThornSparks13 "Holds the wand steady, I am a not a traitor, I just want to be with the person I love. I hate to do this..but I have to. SECTUMSEMPRA!"
Fox "-taking all of her self control not to step to his side, but it would only distract him, she was safe in the shadows, and he could focus-"
DawnRain127 "-winces as Vine attacks Rosier knowing she cannot step in. A duel is a duel. Honour is honour. -nagini"
VineStar29 "They have duelled many times, not like this, but she knows his moves, as he raises his wand, she shouts CONFRINGO! at the same time "
ThornSparks13 "I knew you would use that Rosier, he thought and shouted Protego Maxima, dived to the side and shot another spell after, P Totalus! "
VineStar29 "Without waiting, she dives to the right and takes cover behind a tree, before throwing a FIENDFYRE! over her shoulder at Vine"
VineStar29 "The flames catch onto the branches and trees, hurtling at top speed towards Vine, she deflects his body bind with a Protego!, watches -"
ThornSparks13 "FIENDFYRE goes through the protego and Vine shouts aguamenti maxima. Fire vanishes. "
ThornSparks13 "He sends another curse that makes Rosier want to drink her own blood. A spell he created before."
WillowSword90 "-watching the chaos, trying to remain emotionless. they knew each other so well, once so close-"
VineStar29 "Overcome by a strong force, she tears into her own wrist, watching the blood gush, cursing loudly"
DraconisYew31 "-I walk out to the grounds and hear the sounds of a battle coming from the Forest, I go to investigate-"
ThornSparks13 "Vine saw her bleeding and for a moment felt sorry. But he was winning right, - Does it tickle, Rosier? He laughed, lowering the wand"
DawnRain127 "I cannot let this happen... -nagini"
DawnRain127 "-Vine lowers his wand. Feels a spark of hope- -nagini"
DraconisYew31 "-I see Vine and Rosier duelling, tempting though it was, I know Rosier can handle this alone, I stay out of view-"
VineStar29 "Predictable, Lestrange- he lowers his wand in confidence, at that moment she sends a curse that causes temporary blindness"
ThornSparks13 "Gets hit and everything goes dark...Cullen, he muttered and moved from left to right, not standing still"
VineStar29 "As he stumbles blind, she presses her wand to her wound, Episkey! It will have to do for now, turns to him, CRUCIO!"
ThornSparks13 "Moves to right - bad luck - Crucio hits him. Her crucio, how much she wanted to do it, how much she wanted to hurt...He screamed in agony..."
DawnRain127 "-through her tears- Rosier... there is no need... for the torture... -nagini"
ThornSparks13 "...But not enough...Rosier. He lift his head, not enough. He immediately sent a curse towards her, aiming at lungs, no air will be left"
WillowSword90 "-covers mouth to keep from screaming, feeling the pain almost as though it is her own-"
DawnRain127 "-gaze turns to Fox, seeing her suffer as Vine suffered- How could she have done this to us? Driven us apart? -nagini"
MidnightEye43 "o o c, I I friends fighting to the death. :'( You guys are making me sad."
ThornSparks13 "But he was surprised..He wasn't as good as in dark arts like he was before...Is it the wand? He thought, confused..."
DraconisYew31 "-As I watch the fight, I keep remembering when Vine and I used to spar as kids... back when he was my first friend...-"
VineStar29 "Recognizing the incantation, she throws herself on the ground, the spell narrowly misses. She casts a spell that makes him see duplicates "
ThornSparks13 "He was annoyed..Annoyed that he couldn't..He wasn't trained for any good spells, charms, he only knew about dark arts"
ThornSparks13 "He started seeing duplicates and panicked, flicked the wand fast sending curses everywhere, he couldn't focus because he didn't want them to"
ThornSparks13 "..hit Fox."
VineStar29 "Grins as Vine's spells fly everywhere, with all the strength she had, yells STUPEFY! as it connects and throws him full force onto a tree "
DawnRain127 "-winces, shaking with rage, with fear, hardly knowing where she is, what she is doing- -nagini"
ThornSparks13 "He hit the tree and groaned, You! Sectumsempra! He yelled, still confused about his inability to perform well...He looked towards Fox, "
DraconisYew31 "-I watch Rosier slam Vine against a tree... this game was going to be over soon... we would win... so why does it not feel like a triumph?-"
ThornSparks13 "...blinking. Wanting to see her smiling again, maybe on the sea side sometime. With L i r i a help. Everything would be fine."
IceRune115 "o o c: I'm actually almost about to cry at this ... and I'm not even feeling the full effect because the board is SUCH A UNICORN!"
MidnightEye43 "o o c, same L e o. :'( -holds back a sob-"
DawnRain127 "-she wipes away the tears- I have been trained to do this. They doubted my loyalty. Nobody will doubt it now! -takes a step forward- -n"
VineStar29 "She walks towards his slumped figure, casts -Incarcerous!- just in case, watching as the ropes shoot out of her wand to tie him up"
VineStar29 "She had him where she wanted him... then why doesn't this feel good? Looking down at the form of her past love, past friend, past brother,"
VineStar29 "... she starts to shake, her eyes tearing up - I thought it was going to be us against the world, I truly believed it, you messed it all up!"
Fox "-runs to his side blindly- NO! o o c, r life drama sorry"
Nagini "They said I would never be able to burn bridges. That I was a friend of mudbloods. -tears well up- But in the end, we will all suffer. -n"
ThornSparks13 "Vine shook his head, not able to say a word, he knew it was over. He was tired of it, he knew it deep inside, was just waiting for it."
ThornNiffler14 " o o c Man this is some unicorn i n g love story ship man, -eyes water - Hey who has an onion in here?"
DraconisYew31 "-I walk out from my hiding place to witness the battle more closely... part of me wanted to leave, the other didn't... I had to see this..."
ThornSparks13 "I..don't regret...loving her, never. he said quietly and closed his eyes."
Nagini "Better to die now than to suffer in the future. In a way, it is a merciful thing... -nagini"
Fox "-stroke his hair- No... vine no. Stay with me. NO! -tears fall- don't leave me... "
VineStar29 "-Whispers- I'm sorry it had to end this way... be at peace. -Closes her eyes before delivering the final blow- Avada Kedavra! -"
ThornSparks13 "Before the curse hits, he open his eyes and looks at Fox for the last time, hoping she would make it at least. Then it was all gone. ........"
Nagini "-she screams as the green light blazes, running towards Vine's falling shape- -nagini"
VineStar29 "- The jet of green hits Vine square in the chest and she hears, she actually HEARS his last breath, and she falls to her knees, empty -"
DraconisYew31 "-The curse is cast... it is done... my old friend was dead... Goodbye old friend... I'm sorry-"
Fox "VINE -screamed, grief striking faster than any blow- NO!"
Nagini "-she runs to them, seeing Rosier drop, feeling her pain, eyes turn to Fox- You... -nagini"
DraconisYew31 "-I walk up to Vine's body... completely without words...-"
Nagini "-tears streaming down her face- You cannot live when he dies, Fox, I have come to carry out my old order. -nagini"
MidnightEye43 "o o c, -sobs-"
Fox "-crying over vine's body- I love you... -turns at nagini's words- you lost... we're together anyway. "
Nagini "-raises her wand at Fox, whispers- You are right. I have lost. Lost friends. Lost hope. And now I will lose you. -nagini"
Fox "-smiles slightly through the stream of tears- Loyal to the end Nagini.... "
Nagini "-spurred on by the word, hand shaking- Loyal. Loyal... -nagini"
ThornSparks13 "Mrs Lestrange puts her hand on her heart and gasps, starts crying as though she felt what happened o o c mother instinct "
VineStar29 "-Stands, unable to process what had just happened, the adrenaline is all gone now, as she turns her sad eyes on Nagini and Fox- Finish her.."
Fox "-wanting to end it quickly draws wand- LEVI-"
Nagini "-eyes cold, face a mask- AVADA KEDAVRA! -nagini"
Fox "-falls next to vine, her last trick, offering nagini an easy way to k her, smile still playing on her lips-"
Nagini "-shaking uncontrollably- Rosier... Crouch.... I... I... -stumbles backwards- -nagini"
Fox "Fox's mother watched as a little white candle with a blue flame, flickered out- to burn bright, and soon gone -she whispered through tears-"
DraconisYew31 "-Voice seems to lack usual enthusiasm it would have, instead filled with sorrow- Excellent work... "
VineStar29 "-Draws Nagini into her, holding her, shaking together- It is a war, sacrifices have to be made... it was either us or them... "
ThornNiffler14 "-her bracelet loses all color, she knows it has happened, she curls up on b e d, crying -"
NimbusMarauder50 "-she sees would always be life and now death..-"
DraconisYew31 "-I look at Vine for the longest time, remembering all our good times together... I put up my hood to conceal the tears forming in my eyes-"
Nagini "-without words holds on to Rosier, sobbing- -nagini"
MidnightEye43 "-The aurors charged into the forest, searching, seeking for the one they had been warned about. The one they had met before.-"
VineStar29 "Curses as she spots the Aurors in the clearing, she should have heard them, but her guard was down, she shouts Crouch, Nagini, RUN, RUN NOW"


TO BE CONTINUED.... picking up where we left off

My downfall will happen tomorrow, stay tuned TPM Wink
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The shocking finale to Vine, Fox and (soon to be) Rosier's fate, Season 1
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