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 Number 12, Grimmauld Place

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Tempest Black


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PostSubject: Number 12, Grimmauld Place   Thu Feb 02, 2012 9:43 pm

Number 12, Grimmauld Place is the home base for the noble House of Black. The Black family has lived in it for centuries, as depicted by the enormous tapestry of the family tree (never mind the burn marks, they don't matter). The heads of all the house-elves who lived and died with this family are mounted in the entryway. Portraits of proud members of the noble House of Black are displayed along the staircase. Family heirlooms rest in glass showcases, some enchanted, some ancient artifacts, and some that are both. Most of the house is decorated with green and silver - there is little gold to be found here. Platinum is more commonly found in this house than gold (except concerning Galleons). Many creatures and hidden treasures are kept locked away in this Unplottable, and quite grim, old place.
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Tempest Black


Posts : 151
Reputation : 8
Join date : 2011-12-06
Age : 23
Location : Unplottable

PostSubject: Re: Number 12, Grimmauld Place   Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:14 pm

Tempest apparated onto the step of her family's home. She had not slept for several days, and it showed. There were half-healed burn marks on her face. The girl quickly entered the home, and called for Bellatrix.

Bellatrix: "What have we got here, my little Death Eater? "

Tempest: "Call...the Dark Lord. Tell him I have news." I can barely think straight - I know I ate about ten hours ago. I can't remember when I last slept. Everything blurs together...

Voldemort enters. "Leave us, Bella."

Bellatrix: "But, my Lord..."

Voldemort: "Now." Bellatrix bows her head and withdraws from the room. "Ah, little Tempest. You look barely better than a mudblood. Tell me, what transpired on your mission?"

Tempest: I am hurt, but I also know I DO look like I just got dragged to hell and back. I keep my eyes respectfully at his feet, staying on my knees. "My Lord. I procured the information. The files are here. I also took these from them - I did not know what to do with them, but they bear traces of Dark Magic." I hand over the files I collected, as well as a glittering silver ring with a basilisk insignia, a small sphere the color of fresh blood, and a glass lantern that seems to suck the warmth and light from the room.

Voldemort: He takes the files, as well as the small Dark objects. He seems enamored with the sphere, which I thought was the least interesting of the three. As he inspects it, he asks, "And what did you do with the couriers?"

Tempest: "They...were less than persuadable. When bribery and torture did not work, I...disposed of them." I smile, the memory of my revenge as sweet as the Peppermint Toads I always bought from Honeydukes.

Voldemort: "Good, good. You are becoming better at this. Next time, do not bother with the bribery...I assume you showed them the error of their ways?"

Tempest: "Yes, my Lord. I would have been back a few hours sooner, but they deserved extra attention for the inconvenience they caused."

Voldemort: "Is that all?"

Tempest: He says it as if it is a test. I know now that he already knows where my burns have come from. I reach into the pouch I have begun to carry beneath my cross-body bag and produce my newest little friend, still fast asleep. "No, my Lord. You see, when I was relieving them of their belongings...she hatched and imprinted on me. I am her master."

Voldemort: "You realize your responsibilities will multiply as the beast grows, and that she, too, will swear her loyalty to me, I am sure."

Tempest: "Yes, my Lord." I carefully put her back in the pouch, making sure not to impale my fingers on her spikes.

Voldemort: "Congratulations on completing another solo mission. You are dismissed back to Hogwarts until I have further need of you."

He sweeps out of the room, presumably to read the files and examine the Dark trinkets I gave him. I breathe a sigh of relief. I will get to keep my little darling. I smile fondly down at the crimson head, releasing tiny puffs of smoke with every exhale. I cradle her close and close my eyes as I disapparate, back to Hogwarts.
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Number 12, Grimmauld Place
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