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 Samantha Murine (Mouse)

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PostSubject: Samantha Murine (Mouse)   Tue Jan 31, 2012 2:39 pm

Mouse is a first year Ravenclaw. She is a very *young* 11, though, only having just made the cut to enroll in Hogwarts for the fall. Up until now she has gone pretty much completely unnoticed, as she tends to blend into the background. Because of this, she knows several people at Hogwarts even if they do not know her. She looks up to Ravenclaws who she thinks are smart and tends to know more than she should.

She is *painfully* shy for several reasons:
1: she's not very good at magic, other than when it comes to her art (detail below). Even the simplest spells elude her.

2: she is Muggleborn and this has caused her some disquiet, as she has heard about other people's prejudice. Also, because of this, she is not used to magic and feels very overwhelmed with being at Hogwarts.

Mouse doesn't have many friends at Hogwarts, though she does like Sherbet and Storm and is enamoured with Artemis (like an older brother).

Mouse, in fact, has an older brother, David who does not have any magic. Artemis reminds her of David and when he offered to tutor Mouse she latched on to that excitedly.

In her Muggle life pre-Hogwarts, Mouse was quiet but not nearly as shy and had a good group of friends. She feels homesick, out of place and misses her family quite often. She sometimes wonders if her coming to Hogwarts was a mistake, as she is SO terrible at magic.

Mouse tends to blush profusely and rarely makes eye contact. She's very small/short with long blonde hair and big brown eyes. She gives off the aura of one who needs to be protected.

Mouse's one great skill is with oragami. She spends a lot of time folding pieces of parchment into various shapes, seemingly without even realizing it. Because she is so good at it and it has become like an extention of her, here her magic shows. She will often use her wand to bring color to an oragami flower or set an oragami ship to sailing around the Hall. She's still very modest about this though and does not take compliments well.

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Samantha Murine (Mouse)
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