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 Liria Trujillo

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PostSubject: Liria Trujillo   Fri Jan 13, 2012 4:29 am

Wand: 11 3/4 inches. Silver Lime. Unicorn hair. Slightly Yielding.

Year: 5th

Appearance: Liria has brown eyes and brown golden hair. The gold is way more apparent in the sunlight. Her hair is curly and goes down to the middle of her back. She has tan colored skin.

Blood Status: 3/4 blood?

Patronus: Butterfly

Personality: Liria is very nice and understanding. She doesn't hate that many people and she is quick to trust unless she has a good reason not to. Once you lose her trust..then good luck getting it back.


Magical Properties: The gold locket can turn people invisible. Also it can hear anything in the castle to the grounds. You have to be on the grounds to hear the forest and that is a bit tricky though because all types of magic are in there. When you open the gold locket you can communicate with whoever has the silver locket.

History: Liria was given her gold locket by Draco Malfoy back when they were dating. He thought it was simply a communication device..which it is when you open it. The other locket is silver and doesn't do anything except when you open it you can talk to whoever has the gold one.

The locket was actually made by her Mom's side of the family about a century ago. They used to help the goblins with enchanting objects. When Liria touched it she recognized her family's unique magic in it. She found out what it did mainly by experimenting. When she had gotten use to confidently using it..she began spying on people.


Race: Liria is Half-British and Half-Peruvian. She doesn't look anything like her Mom who has white skin and blond hair, blue eyes. She looks like her Father though. Who has Brown skin, black hair, and black eyes.

Blood status: Liria's Mom is a pureblood. Her Father however is a half-blood, but his Mother is pure..his Father is a half-blood meakes Liria...3/4? (you do the math and call her whatever Smile)

Liria's Dad: His name is Domicio Trujillo. He works in the "Department of International Magical Cooperation". He is quite high up in the Ministry and is very popular. He grew up in Peru, where he was taught at home by his Mother and Father magic. His Mother knows a lot of ancient magic and passed it onto him..who in turn passed it onto Liria. Mainly the speciality was healing and mind is hinted that he knew Crouch Sr. very well due to his position is the ministry. And Liria also knows Crouch Sr. well because her Father would take her to some of the events that he was invited to. -

Liria's Mom: Her name is Elisabeth Mockridge. She is a pure-blood witch. Her family is known for their ancient magic such as protection charms, among other things...She has passed taught Liria all she knows about magic. Her Family is extremely old. Her Family isn't supportive of Voldemort..but they keep it to themselves and do their own thing and is generally ignored..which they prefer.

Fox: They are distant cousin's through they're Mom's side.

Liria's Brother: Liria has a brother in the second year. But she's making sure he stays out of this..which he will! Smile


Childhood: Liria had a very nice childhood growing up. She was loved by her parents and everyone that she met. She was quite a charming child and got a lot of people expecting great things from her. She grew up in her house's library reading books on her family's magic and such. When she was eleven years old she got her letter and was quite excited.

Years at Hogwarts: Liria would practice her magic in unused classrooms. She liked to watch others around her observing habits and such. She got quite good at it. She never really hung around anybody..She would just sit and watch and quietly. When she got her locket Liria used it to listen to people's conversations..she never felt like she was doing something wrong..she was just curious and kept the info to herself...she got used to hearing everyone and became genuinely fond of everyone and felt like she was part of the group..although she never actually spoke to them...then Dumbledore asked her to try and befriend everyone...She agreed readily..after all..she knew them quite well...She knew exactly how to keep out of trouble.


Draco Malfoy: (no comments anyone lol) It was brief..but nice and unfortunately it had to end due to the fact that he was a DE and that his mind was Liria erased his memory of her and stole the silver locket from him and placed it in another part of his house to listen in on the DE's meetings. When Liria was kidnapped and tortured she removed the memory charms on him and had him grab the silver locket. He helped her escape Malfoy Manor.

Crouch: (Too lazy to go through THAT drama right now..I'll post it later...NOTE: IT WAS NOT MY IDEA!!!!! AMY TOLD ME TO DO IT!!!!!!)

Sound/Artemius Strayer: Liria's current boyfriend. (Again I'll post more later)


Liria is fluent in Spanish, English and Quechua. She can read ancient runes perfectedly and speak them out loud perfectedly as well..She can sing extremely well...and likes to sing in front of other people..but she doesn't sing in front of people unless asked or if she's alone..and wants to.. Liria LOVES jewelry. She likes all kinds of jewelry. It makes her extremely happy when someone gives her a new piece of jewelry and even more when it has magical abilities. She enjoys sewing and cross-stitching and likes to bake cakes and decorate them.
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PostSubject: Re: Liria Trujillo   Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:02 am

Okay since Crouch went ahead and wrote about the Liria-Crouch thing on the wiki..You guys can just go there and read it. Very Happy
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Liria Trujillo
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