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 Fox get's her Memory back

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PostSubject: Fox get's her Memory back   Sat Jan 07, 2012 4:03 am

• Wolf "- Wondering if it will work, I write a message and send a magical paper air plane to Vine, telling him to get to the owlery"
• Vine "I go to the hall again and look around"
• Wolf "- I nod at the breeze, glad it has started back up behind Fox"
• MidnightEye43 "-stares upwards at the swirling flakes. Why hadn't she told me? She thinks.-"
• Vine "o o c you are so fast guys lol i c I receive the message and go to the owlery."
• Wolf "- I accio some things to me, grab other every day things and run up to the owlery, casting scourgify"
• Wolf "Horntail, come help!"
• Wolf "- As I pass Ebony, I shout, Come to the Owlery! We are going to try and fix Fox!"
• WillowSword90 ", pulls a letter from workshop desk in unfamiliar handwriting"
• DragonWolfsbane84 "sees people heading to owlery and decides to follow-horntail dragon"
• Wolf "- After I cast the scourgify, I begin talking to the owls, asking for their help in the chant"
• Leo "-she bursts into the Owlery, meeting Wolf there- Have the comb -she says-"
• DragonWolfsbane84 "okay o o c ignore comment before this then i c rushes to owlery-horntail dragon"
• WillowSword90 "-clutching the letter and a few other possession she whispered to the workshop- I'll be back -dashing back to the owlery, running faster-"
• MidnightEye43 "-jumps up at the sound of Wolf's voice, staring as he runs off for a few moments, stunned, before pelting after him.-"
• Wolf "- I smile. Thanks Le o. - I begin placing the comb and other items belong to friends of fox in a determined pattern"
• DragonWolfsbane84 "bursts into the owlery trips and fall flat on my face looks up did i miss anything-horntail dragon"
• Vine "I see people gathering in the owlery and frown, what is this, a r i t u a l? "
• WillowSword90 "-she just needed to know, she thought as she ran, passing no one, because they were already at the owlery-"
• Leo "-she bends over thinking that she would have been less tired if she used her Animagus-"
• Wolf "Yeah, Vine, It is. It is what helped me after the hogsmeade incident months ago."
• MidnightEye43 "-stands there, slightly out of breath- What... did you say, Wolf? I didn't catch it."
• WillowSword90 "-stops at the doorway, pausing a moment- no turning back -whisper to self, as the breeze gets stronger, and she slips inside-"
• Wolf "Dragon Wolfsbane, you have not missed anywhere. Now stand right about here. And here are words to say when I give the signal"
• Vine "Oh..I bet some weird ship is going to happen, someone has to look out for the teacher..."
• Wolf "- Smiling, Ebony we are fixing Fox. Would you like to help?"
• Leo "-smiles at Ebony, still trying to catch her breath-"
• DragonWolfsbane84 "stands up brushes dust off jeans and says to wolf what do i do?-horntail dragon"
• WillowSword90 "Wolf? -she calls, walking up the stairs-"
• MidnightEye43 "-pauses, thinking about Herm i a, the arguments, the promise, Willow... before finally nodding.- Yes."
• Wolf "Now Fox, you stand in the center. - For the others, I point to where they should stand, us all surrounding Fox"
• WillowSword90 "-the owls were staring at her, including her own owl, E u r o p a who flew to wolf's side-"
• Wolf "- I shout back, We're up here Fox!"
• Vine "Sighed, Wolf, do you think it is a good idea that I am here? I don't think I am... pure enough for this kind of magic."
• Wolf "Horntail, here are the words to say to the chant, that we all repeat. It will help with the memory. - I give the words to all"
• DragonWolfsbane84 "stands where wolf points-horntail dragon"
• WillowSword90 "-she stepped to the center, trying not too feel to nervous, but trusting wolf-"
• DragonWolfsbane84 "okay memorizes words-horntail dragon"
• Leo "-she gets into position, feeling slightly nervous.-"
• Wolf "- I give Vine a flat look, We all know how you feel about Fox. This is important and you are needed, it won't work completely without you."
• Vine "Chant? I am going to chant? Looks at others and decided to shut his mouth."
• WillowSword90 "-looks at vine- please don't go... "
• MidnightEye43 "-takes the sheet of words, fingers trembling slightly, looking no where else.-"
• Wolf "Vine, You will chant, and something else at the end. That part is the most important though."
• Vine "I am not going anywhere, Fox. Nods and looks at the words."
• Leo "-she quickly memorises the words, easily, her levels of concentration up to the maximum-"
• WillowSword90 "-she was getting scared, what if it didn't work? it has to, she thought, closing her eyes, it has to-"
• Wolf "Are we all ready then?"
• WillowSword90 "-nods to wolf, taking a deep breath- ready"
• Leo "-she merely nods, not wanting to break into her meditation-"
• Vine "This is the first time in his life he hoped for something actually good. Not anything to do with loyalty or family expectation."
• MidnightEye43 "-nods to Wolf, closing her eyes momentarily.-"
• Wolf "- With us in the owlery, I signal to those here to begin the chant, with even the owls chanting in their own language"
• Vine "Vine began the chant, at any other time, he would think how stupid this was but this time he was desperate to see her stormy eyes again."
• WillowSword90 "-the wind swirled into the owlery, encouraging and adding to the magic, as part of her spirit, it would help-"
• Wolf "- With everyone chanting, owls and human, the objects of friends begin to stir, a memory locked in Fox's mind of each friend and family"
• DragonWolfsbane84 "starts to chant looking at the others then the ground-horntail dragon"
• MidnightEye43 "-chants, focusing on not messing up the words, feeling the magic in the air, tingling.-"
• DragonWolfsbane84 "starts to feel faint but just shakes his head and chants louder"
• Wolf "- I cast a wind charm, to help the wind, As images of Fox's memory begins to rise up, looking slightly like penseive thoughts locked up"
• Leo "-she closes her eyes to what's around her, keeping her concentration going-"
• WillowSword90 "-watching the images, the imprints of people she had met, but didn't know, not as willow-"
• Leo "-she chants, trying not to feel ridiculous, but to concentrate on the words, give them power-"
• WillowSword90 "-eyes roll into the back of her head as the barrier is finally breaking, memorys finally coming back-"
• Wolf "- Then, signaling to increase the speed of the chant, as gathered from mungos notes, for maximum potential"
• MidnightEye43 "-feels the magic slowly sapping the energy of her, draining her as the barrier begins to crumble.-"
• WillowSword90 "-she could see images, oak and the marauders- Let's call you fox then... "
• Leo "-she chants, trying not to feel ridiculous, but to concentrate on the words, give them power-"
• Wolf "- I whisper quickly, Vine! Go to Fox! This is where you are needed!"
• WillowSword90 "-a memory of vine smiling at her, offering a rose that lay on the owlery floor- for you..."
• Vine "Vine nodded and walked towards the middle of the circle, with sure steps. "
• Leo "-she can feel the energy in the room, she can also feel the potential for absorbing it, but blocks off that part of her brain-"
• Vine "Vine sighed and looked at her eyes, - I love you Fox, come back to us, whispered and kissed her. "
• WillowSword90 "-she could barely sense him, there was so much power in the room, and the struggle in her mind was at critical point-"
• Wolf "- Magical energy increases as Vine walks to Fox, nearing the height of the spell"
• Wolf "- And as Vine kisses Fox, the many memory and wind swirl around them as the magical barrier breaks apart"
• WillowSword90 "-she felt him at the final moment, shattering the final barrier-"
• DragonWolfsbane84 "all of a sudden feels very weak weaker then i've ever felt before and passes out and collapses on the ground"
• Vine "As he kissed her, the memory of the Room of Requirement came to his mind."
• Wolf "- I signal to the others to stop chanting, as the final memory enters Fox and the magical energy begins to fade. Super tired I ask, Fox?"
• Wolf "- Despite not many happy memory with Vine and Fox, the memory are all very strong. A strong link between them"
• WillowSword90 "-blinking up at vine- Hey there trouble -and kissed him again, before turning to wolf- The one and only mad scientist"
• Leo "-she opens her eyes finally, allowing some of the remaining energy in the room to absorb, to conserve her energy-"
• DragonWolfsbane84 "groans on the ground but still doesn't wake up"
• Vine "You are back, Fox, he smiled and hugged her. I knew you weren't like Lockhart. "
• Wolf "- Smile, still super tired, You have your memory and mind back, Fox?"
• Wolf "- I mutter, not like Mungos would try this, they don't trust this type of magic."
• Leo "-she leaves Fox to those who knew her best, and crouches next to Horntail- Are you alright?"
• Vine "And as I said before, they wouldn't try to heal Lockhart anyway..."
• Wolf "- I turn to Le o and Horntail, Thanks for your help, both of you."
• Wolf "- I gather up all the objects, and in bird speak, I thank all the owls, who are all tired too"
• WillowSword90 "o o c, seriously I have to go, i c, -frowns at vine- um thank you? -before passing out- o o c, <3 you all"
• MidnightEye43 "-gives a small grin, tired and sore, glancing around once more before she slips out of the owlery.-"
• Vine "o o c Bye Fox <3 i c I catch her before she falls, let's get her to Pomfrey"
• Vine "I carry her to the hospital wing and kiss her on the forehead. Sleep well."
• Vine "Vine decided to stay at the hospital wing and watch over her, he didn't trust Pomfrey the Squib."
• Vine "And planned his revenge...on the mudblood."
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Wolfgang Midnight de'Wolf


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PostSubject: Re: Fox get's her Memory back   Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:44 am

Thanks for recording all this Liria, I know it took a lot of work.
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PostSubject: Re: Fox get's her Memory back   Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:49 am

Lol everyone says Vine should pay me....Smile and your welcome...happy to help!
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PostSubject: Re: Fox get's her Memory back   Sat Jan 07, 2012 1:48 pm

I already paid her Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Fox get's her Memory back   

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Fox get's her Memory back
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