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 Sherbet Blizzard

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PostSubject: Sherbet Blizzard   Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:54 pm

PatronusGlow132 -Sherbet < Me in the forest with my cat Sirius Smile

Im Half-Blood, my Father is a Wizard, my mother a muggle. Not long after i was born my parents split up and my Father found someone new, who was a witch. I am in my second year at Hogwarts! My sister is a muggle who is in hiding after being tortured by a Death Eater so my parents joined You-know-Who. Im in Ravenclaw so im meant to be very intellengent (not really!) i wanted to be in either Slytherin or Ravenclaw so im good Wink My least favourite Teacher is Snape. Im pretty good at potions but he picks on me the evil git! My favourite lesson is Defence Against the Dark Arts but my Death Eater friends dissagree as they want to learn the Dark Arts! I get on well with people from Slytherin they are all lovely people Wink My wand is a 12.4 inch, Pear, Pheonix feather quite flexible Wink well i suppose thats the wand for me! Im on the R C Q T! im Left Chaser and i managed to get on the quidditch team in my first year Wink My Patronus is a Snow Leopard. Description of me: I have medium length brown hair and brown eyes Wink I dont really know what i want to be when im older so yeah. My nickname is Sherbet because it comes from the password for Dumbledores office which is Sherbet Lemon XD I think it describes my personality im Sweet Wink Im quite laid back. I havent seen my Muggle mother for a very long time but communicate with my sister alot. I love playing music and listening to Panic! At The Disco.
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Sherbet Blizzard
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